Learning Experiences

book_edu_color2Live as if this were your last day. Get inspired to learn as if you were to live forever.


speaker_img_color3Dynamic and experienced speakers have a way of inspiring your delegates.

Corporate Training

corporate_img_color2Through regular training, our minds can continue growing as long as we live.


For over two decades, Right Selection have been passionately encouraging and relentlessly promoting a learning culture within the regions they have worked in and are now maestros at inspiring success for all.

They have appeared in various prestigious publications such as Gulf Connoisseur, Best of Dubai, Human Assets, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, 7 Days. Radio & TV-Dubai Eye, City 7, Dubai One. Friday,Tabloid, Connector, Aquarius,Gulf Marketing Review and Emirates Woman.

Right Selection strive to provide valuable learning experiences by inviting top class global thought leaders, trainers and inspirational speakers in various fields like hospitality and customer service, sales and marketing, leadership and strategy, team building and communication skills, motivation, mind mapping, body language and more.

Practical and inspirational tools like Books, CDs and DVDs are also carefully selected and sourced worldwide and made available to their clients’ training centres for the benefit of their workforce.