Executive Training and Coaching

Allow us to introduce our Strategic Partner COSM (Centre of Strategic Mindset) as your one-stop destination for ‘Learning and Business Growth Needs’ w.r.t. Strategy, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Design Thinking and Innovation, Cultural Transformation and Team Building.

COSM operates with exemplary conviction in 7 broad disciplines:

1. Executive Coaching for CEOs, Top Executive, Senior Leaders

2. Full Spectrum Strategy Consulting – Envisioning to Execution

3. Leadership Development, Succession Planning and Talent Pipeline

4. Design Thinking and Innovation

5. Execution Balanced Scorecard Implementation

6. Mindfulness, Wellness and General Well Being

7. Team Building and Experiential Learning

COSM Engagement ranges from Consulting to Facilitating to Coaching in shorter formats as well as long-term journeys varying from 3 months to 18 months. The facilitators and Coaches of COSM come from sound business background and bring credible expertise and experience to thought-provoke the participants.

Centre of Strategic Mindset (COSM) is founded by Himanshu Saxena– a Global Top 100 Coach in Strategy and Culture. He is an Executive Coach, Strategist, Design Thinker and a Mindfulness Practitioner. As a sought-after C-Suite Executive Coach, he has worked with more than 350 Senior leaders including 23 CEOs. As a Coach, he is admired by his clients for the degree of change, conviction and impact that he brings through a robust and co-creative coaching process.