About Us

We are connected with an elite group of high class international motivational speakers & thought leaders, whom you can invite to inspire your team towards greater success and a more fulfilling career. Each of our celebrity speakers will add a touch of class and elevate your event.



Build a community of FutureLeaders who are Pursuing Greatness, while building a High Trust and High Performance Culture.


Provide FutureLeaders with High Quality Learning Practices through exclusive insights and exceptional experiences shared by Global and Regional Experts and Specialists.

Right Selection is here to provide the community of Future Leaders, the opportunity to learn from the insights, experiences, case study analyses and success stories of Global and Regional Experts, in the form of public seminars, private curated in-house workshops, “keynotes” and online learning products and effective tools for continuous and convenient learning and growth.

To help build Future Leaders with a high trust and high performance culture, our experienced team of top executives, have a combined experience of over 40 years of transforming lives (in the Middle East and Indo-Asia- Pacific Regions) are here to serve the corporate community to assist them in pursuing greatness along their journey.

Right Selection’s high level of confidence emanates from a track record of nearly three decades, having hosted over 300 public and private learning events, including top level executive coaching journeys, along with our partners in the regions we have worked in (UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Iran, Maldives and major cities in India) where we have made a positive difference, powerfully impacted over one million lives and are still counting.

Through us, CEOs, COOs, CHROs and SME business owners are readily accessing and benefiting from our exclusive selection of experts, trainers, coaches and consultants. Through our “ Speakers Management” division, we are connected with an elite group of high class international motivational speakers and thought leaders whom you can invite in order to inspire your team towards greater success and a more fulfilling career. Each of our speakers will add a touch of class (high-caliber speeches) that in turn will elevate your event.

Our themes include, but are not limited to Leadership (Self, Strategy, Service), Sales and Marketing, Team Building and Communication Skills, Mindfulness, Health and Wellness, Peak Performance for virtual teams and more across a myriad of industries including: Banking and Finance, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Retail.


Great Place To Work

Great Place Research and Consultancy is the organization that brought the Great Place to Work®️ Institute, the global authority on workplace culture to India and Sri Lanka and also founded the Great Manager Institute, a leader in the area of people management.

GPTW works with thousands of organizations and managers every year and has unparalleled access to CXOs of best workplaces and best managers that have successfully created high-trust teams and the largest repository of people sharing best practices.

Great Manager’s Institute

Great Manager Institute. is a lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers aimed at redefining people management, using the power of strong brand value, technology in the form of data analytics and technologies.

We’re building a world of Great People Managers, by empowering them to connect, develop, and inspire their teams. GMI has different offerings to suit the need of the individual or the organization.

Methods- Virtual Learning Platform

Methods is a lifelong resource based on the vast knowledge and expertise of the world’s foremost business thinkers.

Methods offer customised learning paths and engaging learning experiences along with supplementary tools and materials to increase learning absorption and application.

Methods utilizes cutting-edge technology and interactive courseware to effectively transfer knowledge and competencies.

AYOA- World’s Leading Mind Mapping & Productivity Tool

Ayoa is a world leading software used by teams and individuals from around the globe helping them to change their processes and to get things done.

Ayoa is a powerful application allowing users to capture their thoughts, Mind map ideas, chat and collaborate with their team, plan and manage their workload club + so much more