There are several benefits when you engage with us. Here are a few: 

As the speakers division of Right Selection, we are the first speakers’ management agency in the Middle East and the Indo- Asia- Pacific regions, whose 28 years journey also includes a hands-on experience as organisers of  Public Seminars and Conferences.

We are constantly researching speakers and monitoring future trends so that we can provide you with up to date, creative and innovative ideas that will help in giving you an edge over your competition.

The speakers are personally vetted by the “ Right Selection Assessment ”  team in order to ensure that we recommend the right speaker to you that will positively impact your event and in turn add a high value

It is easier to negotiate with us for the investment as we are regularly engaging our chosen speakers and enjoying preferred rates, so we are able to pass on the savings to you.

You will have our undivided attention during each stage – the process, selecting, briefing and logistics, even in the virtual world.

Make an enquiry and let us know as much as you can about the event you are planning: objectives, audience, budget, theme and the type of speaker you are looking for. We will then suggest speakers that are appropriate to your needs and within your budget.

Once you have short-listed your speaker/s, we will then check the speaker’s availability. In case that speaker is unavailable at the given time, you could help us with an alternative speaker. Once we’ve frozen on the speaker, we will send you the contract to confirm your engagement.

On signing the contract you will receive an invoice for which 50% deposit of professional fees will be due immediately to block the date in the speaker’s calendar. The balance 50% + travel cost, if applicable needs to be paid 3 weeks prior to the event date.

YES, as our global reach connects us with thousands of speakers, we can book most speakers for you, even if they are exclusively listed with other bureaus. Simply help us with your choice of speaker and we will be delighted to book the speaker for you.


Yes, it is really important to us to ensure that the speaker you have selected has been briefed properly. We will contact you before your event to share with you with all the materials you will need for your publicity: photos, updated speaker profile and the speaker’s technical requirements wherever applicable.

We will also share with you an introduction for you to use at the event that has been approved by the speaker. If applicable, we will, in addition liaise with the speaker to arrange travel, accommodation, etc., and where required obtain discounts for you on the author’s books.

4 to 6 weeks before your event (sooner if you prefer) we will contact you and the speaker and arrange a mutually convenient time for a briefing call and organise a conference facility. Your “Right Selection”  (RS) consultant will participate on the call with you to assist you and guide you in the briefing should you need assistance.

Occasionally, clients and speakers prefer a face to face meeting and where possible and appropriate,  these will be arranged by your RS consultant.

You must request permission in advance to record part of or all of a speaker’s speech (via RS). Most speakers will allow a recording if it is for internal use provided they receive a copy for no additional charge. A few speakers may charge for this.

If you wish to make a recording for commercial reasons this can be arranged by offering the speaker a further payment. However, some speakers may not allow an audio/video recording as their material may have a copyright.

In the unlikely event of a speaker being unable to attend such as a sudden emergency or unforeseen circumstance, we will where possible offer you an alternative speaker. If that’s not your preference, we will go ahead and refund only the speaker’s professional fees 

This is a rare occurrence however; it can happen. In that case, if you are marketing your event based on the speaker’s attendance we strongly recommend that you take out an event insurance to cover all marketing and logistics costs budgeted by you.

Fees & Costs

Our charges are included in the speaker’s professional fee. We receive our agency fees from the speakers directly for securing the booking for them.

Standard expenses include, when applicable, (but are not limited to) return travel from the speaker’s origin to your event venue; first class for long haul travel, business class for short haul, airport transfers, accommodation where required and meals as appropriate for the speaker’s stay. If a Visa is required to travel to your event venue, the costs associated with obtaining this will also be chargeable to you.

The professional fee covers the presentation and Q&A. If you would like some personal time ( virtually) with the speaker either before or after the event, some will do so at no additional cost whilst others will charge; we can advise you on this.

If you would like the speaker to participate on a panel or talk to the media  kindly advise us in advance, so we can secure the approval from the speaker and include the same in his schedule.

If you are booking more than one speaker for your event, a discount is not a general practice as a speaker will not discount his or her professional fee because you are also booking someone else. We will of course endeavour to get the best rate for you and your speaker at all times

However, when you book the same speaker more than once, repeating the same content, most speakers will be open to offering a discounted professional fee.