Coaching Journey With Our Experts

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Right Selection and the prestigious 100 Coaches Agency, marking a new era in executive and leadership coaching for the Gulf and India. This collaboration is more than just a union of two organizations; it’s a bridge connecting you to some of the world’s most esteemed executive coaches and advisors.

100 Coaches Agency stands at the forefront of executive coaching, boasting a handpicked network of top-tier leadership experts. Through our partnership, Right Selection becomes your exclusive conduit in the Gulf and India to this elite cadre of professionals. We offer more than just coaching; we offer transformational journeys tailored to the unique contours of your leadership landscape.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: every leader’s journey is unique. That’s why our pairing process is meticulously crafted, ensuring that each leader is matched with a coach who resonates with their individual aspirations, challenges, and style. This bespoke matching guarantees an impactful and transformative coaching experience, one that leaves a lasting imprint on both the individual and the organization.

For those in the Gulf and India seeking to connect with world-renowned executive coaches, your search ends here. Right Selection is not just a link but a partner in your leadership evolution. We invite you to begin this journey with us. Visit and engage with Team Right Selection. Allow us to facilitate those pivotal conversations, aligning you with a coach who not only meets but exceeds your leadership development aspirations.

Transform your leadership narrative with us. Embrace this opportunity to redefine what’s possible for you and your organization.

CEO Coaches

Executive Leadership Coaches

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A leadership coach is a skilled and experienced guide and businessperson, who understands the world of work and provides a leader with a safe space to discuss pressing or emerging issues and concerns.

Leadership coaches use specialized tools and processes to build a leader’s capacity to achieve organizational goals. They provide personal, customized coaching in one-on-one sessions or in small groups.

Whether you need help growing your company, strategic planning, raising capital or navigating a challenging economic landscape, our globally-recognized coaches leverage the most effective tools and evidence-based best practices to help you achieve results.

Your Coach becomes a trusted confidante — providing you with a peer-to-peer sounding board. He or she acts as your co-architect in the creation of a scalable action plan designed to accelerate your success ASAP.

Would you like to build your executive presence, communicate with more influence, design and present winning business pitches, enable consistent success in your team OR win and retain high-value clients?

Connect with us for an exploratory conversation about how coaching can help you achieve your objectives.