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“Saahil has scaled several of the world’s tallest summits in 10 years by mastering strategic decluttering and teaches Global leaders how to scale their personal summits of success faster.”

Saahil Mehta

Author | Keynote Speaker | Mountaineer | Entrepreneur


“There is nothing more paralyzing than feeling that no matter how hard you work, it’s not enough; how much you try to be there for your family, it never works; and no matter how hard you wish to grow healthier, there is always something missing. You are always playing catch up with all sorts of clutter in your life.”

Saahil is a global citizen, a serial entrepreneur with businesses across three continents, an author, keynote speaker, a peak performance coach for leaders and a passionate mountaineer. As an Entrepreneur and CEO juggling multiple roles, family and passions Saahil is the quintessential leadership voice today who shows fellow Entrepreneurs and CEOs how to do it all with ease for the ultimate peace within!

Saahil’s unique brand of leadership wisdom inspires conscious and ambitious leaders of the world to aspire for holistic success-one which has an optimal balance of scaling your summits faster, leading an uber healthy lifestyle and enjoying wonderful personal and professional relationships while doing so-that often feels like distant luxury. He loves to coach and enable ambitious leaders to navigate their health, wealth, relationships, career and life with a set of proven tools + rituals to experience the ultimate peace, freedom and abundance every day. His coaching style weaves in a unique ensemble of diverse approaches including his BREAK FREE system, leadership assessment tools from Marshall Goldsmith’s SCL program, conscious leadership communication for optimal team performances and his exclusive insights on leadership lessons from the mountains.

Over the last 3 years Saahil has worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Leaders from over 20 countries across Africa, Middle east, India and Pakistan, running organizations with multi-million dollar revenues; he has led coaching and facilitation programs for organizations like EO, YPO, TiE, Corporate Connections etc. Global brands like P&G, Dell, HP, Silicon Valley Bank, Thomas Cook, TATA group, Palmon Group amongst other trust Saahil to inspire and influence their leaders to transform themselves by imbibing some profound lessons and insights generously shared by Saahil in his keynote talks, workshops and coaching sessions.

Saahil is a part of the MG 100 Coaches fraternity and leads the SCL training programs created by Marshall Goldsmith In India and Middle East. He is a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach as well as Certified Global Speaker by Entrepreneurs Organization which enables him to deliver high impact keynotes and coaching programs to the corporates. In 2022 Saahil was honoured as Top 10 Rising Global Indian Influencers by India Today and has been a 3 time honouree in the Top 200 Global Thought Leaders by PeopleHum from 2020 to 2022.

Saahil has been running his family business in the diamonds industry for over two decades, and has launched multiple other ventures into hospitality and real estate over the last decade. Saahil’s coaching journey begins with the backdrop of overcoming the primal human fear of judgment and breaking free from self-imposed limits to living his childhood dream and passion of scaling mountains. The journey of mountaineering which began with Kala Patthar- at the base of Mount Everest in 2010 has today made him scale most of the tallest mountains of the world including Kilimanjaro and Elbrus amongst others! His passion for mountaineering ignited his mission to enable ‘leaders to scale the proverbial mountains of their minds as well.’ As a best selling author of his book, BREAK FREE and an international speaker Saahil enables entrepreneurs and global leaders to ‘remove clutter across all dimensions of life, discover diamond-grade clarity and scale their summits of success faster!’– thus live a Zero Regret Life every single day.

A few transformation stories of leaders Saahil has coached look like these:

A CFO I worked with was always very concerned about what others would say, and also because of his language skills where English is not his first language, he also felt like he would be judged and didn't have the confidence to speak fluently in English. While I observed there was confidence, what he was truly terrified of was the judgement! As a result of the coaching he slowly started speaking up and contributing his ideas and inputs proactively in board meetings, because we made him realize that by not doing so he was missing out on playing out his full potential and the company was in turn missing out on his brilliant ideas and expertise. After a few months of coaching, today, he happily takes stage during board meetings not only to share his ideas but also boldly challenge the obsolete ways of business. This has helped him elevate his confidence not only at work but in areas of personal life as well. His relationships with people from his life have also significantly improved as he openly communicates and connects with them.

An entrepreneur from the RFID Industry struggled with chronic anxiety due to uncertainty of the future. He would live in constant paranoia worrying about things that had not happened yet, and this had severely compromised his quality of life and leadership impact as well. Inability to have faith and trust in the future, manifested as inability to trust people to take the best decision for a positive progress in his team, and this was severely disturbing his relationship with his employees. Post our coaching journey, he was slowly able to internalize the perception of viewing the future as an opportunity instead as an obstacle and this helped him to slowly declutter the perpetual anxiety he was battling for a long time. Slowly this helped him develop deeper connection and confidence with his team as we enabled him to open up about his concerns with a strategic vulnerability and adopt this communication style as a symbol of his strength and not weakness. In turn his team was able to see the human behind the boss and this helped them strengthen their relationship with him and slowly the entire team’s performance also witnessed a positive shift as a direct result of this.





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