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Sagar Amlani is a global speaker, productivity mindset explorer and an author.

Sagar Amlani

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"A global speaker, productivity mindset explorer and an author

Sagar Amlani is a global speaker, productivity mindset explorer and an author. Though he has years of professional experience on the productivity mindset, what sets him apart is his initial life struggles. These struggles made him learn the value of time, money, and education early in life. Also, these were the same challenges, that became the foundation of Sagar’s innate personality.

His respect and gratitude towards his initial life challenges make him a unique person, even after living in the slums. He firmly believes that the difficulties of his initial life are instrumental in his growth and success. The effectiveness and efficiency that he needed to demonstrate and practice during that period of his life make him a natural expert in Productivity mindset.

His poverty taught him to plan his resources and utilize them effectively and efficiently from early life.

Strong foundation:

Sagar was born in a humble Gujrati family and grew up in the famous slums of Mumbai. His father was a small cloth trader, and his mother was a private tuition teacher to make the ends meet. Scarcity of resources was usual during those days; it taught him the most critical lesson to identify and manage available resources well. Many things demanded precision in planning and execution, from quarterly roof cleaning to the monthly drinking water tank cleaning. Or else, hazardous life-threatening accidents could happen. These experiences acted as early foundations for him to be christened as the Productivity Mindset Explorer of today.

Stronger Education:

He has diverse educational qualifications. He has an ePGDM Strategic Management from IIM Kozhikode, MBA Middlesex University London, Chartered Chemical Engineer degree. Apart from that, he has certifications such as Lead Auditor (ISO 9001), Internal Auditor (IATF), Certified Trainer (5s, Kaizen, Six Sigma - GB), and TRIZ from IIT Mumbai.

Sealing it with Professional experience:

He has more than 16 years of professional experience in India and abroad. Along with an extensive manufacturing sector experience, he has also worked in the automotive industry, service industry and education industry. He has been a private tutor himself, and he has also worked in the speaking industry. Interestingly, his professional playing field includes the corporates and family-owned businesses from India, London, and Dubai. These varied experiences enabled him to pick up the best practices of these sectors and implement them appropriately. Therefore, he is a repository of excellent diverse knowledge and experience. He is also a Global Goodwill Ambassador and LinkedIn Local Hyderabad host who nurtures communities and businesses beyond conventional networking. He loves connecting with people heart-to-heart. He was awarded Business Excellence Award at Hyderabad in 2019. His Book "At the Crossroads of Life is packed with treasured tools and techniques, written with raw honesty and empathy. Sagar provides and inspiring guide for anyone who is at the crossroads of their life." Says Marshall Goldsmith.



"Sagar delivered a powerful and motivating talk at #PSS2021 on how to be top of the game on LinkedIn. What a performance ! Thank you again !

- Philippe Boulanger
The Innovation Evangelist

"It is always a pleasure interacting with Sagar. in 40 mins, he gave a power packed live tips on my LinkedIn Profile Analysis; Understanding and Leveraging SSI; enhancing my LinkedIn Productivity and Content Strategy. I have 3 full pages of action items to take forward. Thank you, Sagar, for all the tips!"

- Viji Hari
CEO Diversity and Inclusion

"Sagar is a coach par excellence. Not only can he explain wonderfully but also because he possesses sound and thorough technical knowledge of LI. But most of all, he can do it at a moment's notice whenever called upon to do so. That just goes to show how well he knows LI, like the back of his hand. I learned so much from him and with such ease and clarity, within such a short span of time. I'd certainly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn the intricacies and explore the networking capabilities of LI. I wish u all the very best Sagar and thank you for your painstaking effort and mastery over your subject that benefitted several tech-challenged individuals like me. Thank-you!"

- Sqn Ldr Delshad Master
Global Speaker|Queer sensisation Catalyst

"Sagar is extremely agile and has a congenial personality which helps build quick relationships ,nevertheless to say he is a LinkedIn guru with a complete understanding of how one can leverage their profile and make the most of it his acrotn should be walking linkedin encyclopaedia"

- Parul Sethi
Belives in creating an empowered team