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Saahil has scaled 4 summits in 10 years by mastering strategic decluttering and teaches Global leaders how to scale their personal summits.

Saahil Mehta

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Providing executive coaching and leadership development

There is nothing more paralyzing than feeling that no matter how hard you work, it's not enough; how much you try to be there for your family, it never works; and no matter how hard you wish to grow healthier, there is always something missing. You are always playing catch up with all sorts of clutter in your life.

Saahil’s story begins with a similar backdrop, from overcoming the primal human fear of judgement and breaking free from self imposed limits to living his childhood dream of scaling world’s tallest mountains, Saahil Mehta is the quintessential global entrepreneur turned advocate of the power of decluttering your life.

Imagine driving every day with a clear sense of purpose & focus, having thriving relationships with those who matter and boundless energy to pursue your dreams. This is what Saahil is passionate about helping YOU achieve!

Since 2010, Saahil has scaled 4 of the tallest mountains in the world – a dream that he harboured since his childhood. As a Global Citizen Saahil has built successful businesses across 3 continents; but even thereafter he struggled to experience peace, happiness & abundance. But only once he was able to conquer his self-limiting mindsets & habits he was able to re-invent the complete spectrum of life- from mental focus to physical excellence and from beautiful relationships to efficient environments with a singular focus on ‘de-cluttering’ what no longer serves his life’s true calling & purpose-to scale the actuals summits of world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery.

Saahil believes that once you master the art of strategically decluttering the non-essentials from these 4 key dimensions of life, you truly empower yourself to BREAK-FREE from these illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself. With this philosophy he was able to scale the summits of the following mountains on his very first attempts!

🏔 Kilimanjaro (5,895m) – tallest mountain in Africa
🏔 Elbrus (5,642m) – tallest mountain in Europe
🏔 Kala Patthar (5,643m) – little higher than the base camp of Everest
🏔 Chopicalqui (6,354m) – a technical ascent with multiple steep walls in Peru

Today, Saahil continues running his business ventures on one hand and has also embarked upon this new life as an author (of the newly launched book BREAK-FREE) and a coach; he’s deeply focused on guiding thoughtful leaders to navigate their health, wealth and relationships as they scale their summit with the help of his proven set of tools + rituals to experience the ultimate peace and freedom to redefines their personal success. When asked, Why do this at all? '' He quips, “I feel ethereal joy when I help someone ignite the compassion, creativity and connection that births clarity for perceiving and pursuing their WHAT NEXT”.

After helping leaders break free from these dimensions of personal clutter, Saahil realized that while this helps build a powerful launchpad, it may not be enough for an ambitious leader to grow as a global leader. To empower leaders to master the cutting edge tools and mindsets of leadership and excellence, Saahil has partnered with the legendary Marshall Goldsmith to help ambitious leaders learn the Art of Stakeholder Centered Leadership which he believes is non-negotiable for any leader or entrepreneur focused on building a legacy. As the Regional Director for the Stakeholder Centered Leadership Trainer program for India and Middle East, Saahil is working towards redefining the Art of Personal and Corporate Leadership to help people scale their summits of success faster.




Decluttering is essential for life however, not many of us are conscious about it. I greatly enjoyed and valued Saahil’s talk as he explains this concept thru his personal journey. He shares the deeper meaning of decluttering which needs to happen in all areas of life. I learnt how he decluttered from objects, people, tasks which is a process to clear the mind, body and soul. The more we detach from things and people that do not elevate our purpose and soul the more space we create for newer purposeful things to happen in our life. In summary, my takeaway was that we need to declutter from energies that don’t serve us to receive the energies that will serve us and this needs discipline and conscious living. Saahil has always inspired me to greater and deeper levels in life. I wish him a blessed journey ahead

- Meher Mirchandani
Director, Manrre Logistics Fund

“Decluttering was a word that I had never knew before, let alone learned. It was a new topic and I wasn’t really excited at first. Although after I heard what Saahil had to say, I was blown away! I was easily able to relate to his examples and he made a beautiful presentation to help us all understand. After listening to what led him to start decluttering, I was motivated to do the same. I learned a lot that day, all thanks to Saahil. Everyday I try to follow Saahil’s path to clear my body and soul. Thank You for a wonderful learning experience Saahil! ”

- Dheesh Ved
Aditya Birla World Academy, IB Year 1

Saahil’s story and journey is inspirational. Being reminded that it actually takes very little to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life and that accumulating things is rarely the solution for finding inner peace was very valuable. Getting rid of baggage as well as people and thoughts that bring you down is important. My key take away was the way I treat my time and how I take care of my mental well being. I recommend this talk to anyone who is looking to improve their life and ready to make some changes.

- Olivia Manner
Founder, Hello Chef

Saahil’s decluttering talk changed me. Four months on, I now wake up early enough to get the most important things in my life done before most others roll out of bed. We’ve all read about the benefits of getting up early but I found Saahil’s story of what he’s been able to achieve by actually doing it inspiring enough to make me want to change my own journey!

- Ahmed Al Akber
Partner, Hello Chef

This truly remarkable human being took us all (at least) me on this amazing journey of “decluttering”. What’s purely fantastic is Saahil has done this from inside > out. Just through hearing Saahil’s journey I got such insight on the potential each of us have to continue to grow & aspire to be our best self! Keep it up Saahil, you are an inspiration!

- Sherina Jethwani
Fitness One in One

Saahil, similar to Tim Ferris and Robin Sharma, is able to practice what he preaches. Saahil’s holistic approach to decluttering really pushes us to delve deep into our conscious and remove the unnecessary from our life. The talk was personal and enlightening with many tips and to dos that one can use in their daily life.

- Vishal Mehta
Director, Lumex

An authentic, insightful, and impactful presentation on the topic of decluttering, by someone who is a living example of this practice. Goes well beyond the basics of getting rid of material possessions, leading each of us to to self-examine how we are living our lives.

- Mazen Omair
President & CEO, Momair Trading LLC

Saahil .. A guy who is so sorted at such a young age. A guy who has heard his inner voice and eventually discovered himself and his calling at the right time. Kudos to him and his belief. His journey is liberating.. He must continue sharing , so more people can benefit from his liberating experience.

- Shilpa Shenoy
Director, TOBS The One Business System

The talk had great content and superbly presented. Very easy to understand and implement. Covered many aspects of decluttering. Decluttering of mind, body and surrounding space. Overall, highly recommended. Great job Saahil and thank you for helping others to embark on their decluttering journey.

- Seema Ved
Financial Controller, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I was already interested in the subject of decluttering & simplifying one’s life, & Saahil’s talk was the perfect opportunity to hear first-hand from someone who is currently well on that journey how/where to begin with tangible ideas, tools & stages for the journey. Saahil is an authentic speaker eager to empower & inspire his audience

- Dina Yazbak
Food Blogger & Recipe Developer

Saahil’s experience share was not only generous and compelling, but the effect of his vulnerability in sharing how it feels to declutter one’s physical space and mind, linger on in the conscious like ripples created in a pond after the disruption of throwing a pebble in it’s still water. Inspired by his drive for self growth and compassion for life, I find myself reflecting on his ability to let go of what is not important in life to be better able to hold onto what really matters.

- Rana A. Batterjee

“Saahil’s unmasking journey and his personal path to decluttering was astounding. He presented excellent examples of achieving an organized, home, office, or car greatly reduces stress in your life — imagine always knowing where to find your keys! He even took it a step further where the clutter not only reflects material objects, but clutter is also actually a pile of decisions that haven’t been made. As he painted a vivid picture, it helped grasp the true essence behind his message. That there is always a choice – that is where Saahil’s dialogue hit the nail on the head. It will be those choices which will allow you to make more conscious decisions, making you feel less dispersed and more focused throughout your own journey when you give yourself time first. An inspirational session and I was glad to be a part of it.”

- Vic Bageria
CEO and chief visionary officer of Xpandretail Powered by Savant Data Systems.

Hearing Saahil share his journey was really eye opening for me! With all the self development that many of us are doing we tend to focus on awareness, learning, meditation, routine, etc. and we fall in and out of all the above many times. Of course Saahil touched on all these points but always went back to decluttering. It is just a word, but the way he talked about it, he gave it so much meaning and it all made sense ….and it all falls into place with this one word if you follow it mentally & physically!

- Sima Haroun
Founder & Curator, Boom & Mellow

正在我生意下滑,情绪低落,寻找解决方法的时候,偶然参加了Saahil的declustering 分 享演讲。那一刻突然感觉拨云见日,冥想——正是我在寻找的解决方法。他所分享的冥想 体会让我心里一阵激动,产生了强烈共鸣。我马上开始自己的冥想练习,至今天正好100 天,在其中,每天每个月的身体,思想感受和状态都不相同。这些天以来,最大的变化是 心情越来越比较平静,做事情的时候没有之前那么着急,即使有碰到棘手的问题或者很多 困难的事情同时发生,也不会过分焦虑,晚上睡觉也比以前好很好。最近,也看了不少关 于冥想禅定的视频,书籍,在理论上,方法上对禅定也有了一点了解。我会继续坚持修炼 禅定,也希望能够推广冥想,使更多人受益。

- James Chengshan
Partner, Silver time international general trading LLC

Saahil’s session on decluttering was incredibly powerful. His authentic and humble delivery of his message raised me to a new level of understanding of life’s purpose and my own soul plan. I would definitely recommend it as an eye opener for something much bigger.

- Nita Maru
Solicitor and Managing Partner, TWS Legal Consultants

I’ve never thought of myself having a cluttered mind or approach. Knowing Saahil for many years as a friend and entrepreneur, I really didn’t know what to expect. However within minutes into it I realized myself dissecting several events, thoughts and items I was “decluttering” while I was listening to him! It was extremely insightful and made me look at issues with a different approach.

- Rohan Mehta
Business Development Director, Petrochem

Saahil is a rare breed; especially for our times when the draw of materialistic life is so alluring. My Guru (spiritual teacher), Swami Chinmayananda, would often espouse a life of “simple living with high thinking,” and this is exactly what Saahil embraces and teaches by example. His life philosophy of decluttering, which he generously shares at his coaching sessions is not some new revelation but indeed time tested, ancient wisdom from so many faiths with a 21st century man’s earnest application that it rings true to all audiences. I walked away feeling inspired and grateful for the reminder of how we should all live; in the ‘flow’ as opposed to upstream. At which point we can all experience the universe’s abundance and grace.” Wishing you continued success on your voyage of Self discovery. May you attain Eternal Bliss Saahil

- Laxmi Gulab