About: Carol Talbot

Think differently. Enhance the energy within.

Carol Talbot

Writer, NLP Master Trainer

and a Motivational Speaker

What gives Carol a ‘buzz’ is to make you think and feel differently… to empower you to create and enhance your energy within so you get ‘fired up’ to take action.

The response to Carol as a motivational and subject matter speaker at conferences, events or workshops is always the same…’ WOW!‘

Motivational Speaker

Carol has spoken in over 20 countries

NLP Master Trainer (ABNLP)

Carol has worked with and helped thousands of people


Carol has been booked over 200 times by leading organizations to ‘fire up’ their teams with breakthrough events

Recognized Trainer


Amazon Best-selling Author

Hitting the Wall… and breaking through!


  • Leadership…from the Inside Out
  • A Head Start Say It
  • Right 21st Century Learning
  • Breakthrough Events




“An in-depth exploration into the human potential! Really powerful self-discovery as well as skills to help me get the most out of life!”

- Ramez Helou
CEO, The Academy for Sales Excellence

“Carol has a very down to earth approach. She targets specific areas with which we may be struggling and gives us simple but effective ways of dealing with problems or issues. I found her presentation invaluable, and the things I have learned will help not only in my business life and relationships but also in my personal life and relationships.”

- Bijay Rajnikantt Shah
National Director, BNI Middle East & BNI East Africa