About: Arthur Carmazzi

Making the science of high-performing fun and easy!

Arthur Carmazzi

Arthur is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker/Trainer/Consultant that makes the Science of High-Performance Fun and Easy. As the founder of the accredited Directive Communication Psychology that predicts and affects organizational group dynamics and behavior, Arthur Carmazzi has built the foundations for a systematic and easily implementable approach to leading and changing organizational culture

He is currently ranked as one of the Global Top 10 most influential thought leaders in leadership and in organizational culture by Global Gurus. As a best-selling author of 8 books and performance researcher, Arthur’s ideas, gamification processes, and methodologies have influenced the training and leadership development industry through his unique “anti-model” psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. His innovative tools, assessments (such as Colored Brain and the Culture Evolution Assessment), and techniques (such as the HERO Identity Process), have made a substantial impact on effective behavior modification.

He is most renowned for his Culture Revolution process to visibly and sustainably alter organizational culture and organizational engagement and productivity in 80 days because these have a visible impact across entire organizations. Together with the 377 licensed Directive Communication Psychology trainers in 17 different countries, Arthur and his team have made a global impact in improving people lives through their organizations.




“This program has far exceeded our expectations, it has managed to achieve more in 2 weeks what we have he been trying to implement for the past 6 months. It has added a new dynamic in the whole approach to establishing a service culture. The aptly named Culture Revolution has been very effective in getting the team members themselves to not only buy into the program but actually come up with the Service Culture thereby taking ownership and living it through their work and personal lives.”

- Martin Le Roux
Senior Manager, Emirates Group

“Even though I have had to attend many courses, this was totally new… and we enjoyed it so much, we stayed longer than our duty time”

- Abdul Aziz Azharuni
Officer in Charge, North Emirates, Etisalat

“Arthur has far exceeded the expectations we had for this exercise. His process for developing a vision and mission seemed unorthodox but delivered more than projected. The exercise determined a clear strategic direction and unified key stakeholders to make a notable difference in the project’s success. We will be using Arthur again in future projects and recommend him with high regard.”

- Joseph Lo
Senior Project Advisor, UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

“I have not only enjoyed but personally benefited… This is so important for an Effective Management Team”

- Tansri TK Lim
Charman of Genting Group