About: Ali Al Saloom

One of the most comprehensive sources of the culture and heritage for the Gulf region

Ali Al Saloom

Ali Al Saloom is a cultural expert, one of the fastest rising media personalities and a charismatic public speaker in the Gulf Region. His internet portal ask-ali.com became one of the most comprehensive and authentic sources of information about culture and heritage for the UAE and the Gulf region. His themed “Ask Ali” shows, weekly columns in the M magazine and cultural guide books about Abu Dhabi and Dubai reach an international audience in thousands. Ali is the Environmental Ambassador of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and was honored for his success as an entrepreneur with the Khalifa Fund Business Award 2010.




“Konecranes had collected over 130 people from around the globe in Abu Dhabi and everyone appreciated very much the presentation of Ali! We would highly recommend Ali to any company that would like to spread knowledge and understanding of the Middle East culture to their organization.”

- Niklas Brönn
Area Director Middle East at Konecranes Middle East, Dubai

“Session was really good, informative and enjoyable experience and the agenda was well selected to have topics about the region, UAE and also story about UAE union and also a brief about religion and business etiquette.”

- Amani El Bayoumi
HR, International Mobility, Advisor at BP Exploration, Abu Dhabi

”Our members and guests thoroughly enjoyed the interactive approach and were able to gain a better insight into the Arabic culture along with greater respect for its people. Ali’s presentation is vital in today’s world, where the Arabic culture and traditions are often greatly misunderstood. We highly recommend ‘Embrace Arabia’ to any business or individuals interested in learning about and working in the Gulf.”

- Ahmed Shehada
Chairman, Canadian Business Council Dubai & the Northern Emirates