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Rohit Bassi “The Communication Wizard” – Developing Leadership Communication

Rohit Bassi

Developing Leadership Communication Through Mindfulness

Resulting In Leaders, Teams & Individuals Being Able To Lead With Courage, Clarity, Conviction & Compassion

Rohit Bassi help’s leaders, teams, and change-makers to embrace conflicts, enrich relationships, and tap into their emotional wisdom. The bottom line is when communication is not mindful, you sabotage your work, business, relationships, thus your life

As a world-leading speaker, trainer, and coach Rohit helps you to master your communication. He builds your ability to speak with impact and utilize deep listening. He does this by teaching you to apply courage, clarity, conviction, and compassion. As a result, you become persuasive and influential, eliminate conflicts with greater ease and listen without prejudice. This upgrades all aspects of your life.

Rohit comes to you with experience of 25+ years. He has spoken in 21+ countries and delivered talks to 51+ nationalities. His talks are on TED and he is part of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®. He has delivered sessions to companies such as Honeywell, Oracle and Cannon. He has helped clients achieve results such as:
• Win deals that go into USD millions
• Improve influence and persuasion skills by more than 80%
• Kindle mindfulness to pass through adverse times

Rohit’s unconventional practical talks allow your people to discover how to use the power of mindful communication to:
• Connect, collaborate, and contribute
• Own your communication without playing the blame game
• Maximize relationships, revenues, and results
• Speak with impact to increase your power of persuasion
• Earn respect, trust, and support in leadership
• Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway® to be antifragile and resilient

Radically cultivate and elevate your success by developing leadership communication.




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