About: Julie Lewis

“High-energy catalyst for personal and professional transformation tapping into her diverse experiences in business, sports and life.”

Julie Lewis

Writer, NLP Master Trainer and a Motivational Speaker

In a constantly changing and challenging world it is essential for individuals, teams and organizations to consistently respond, adapt and re-wire for the “ next new normal”. Mental resilience, emotional well-being, positivity and strengths-based leadership are critical to creating new pathways to success. Covid-19 brought individuals, teams and organizations to a grinding halt , making it necessary to quickly flip to working remotely, utilize new technology and integrate our personal and professional life under one roof.

Now is not the time to stand still, loose ground or passively wait to see what will happen next. Julie Lewis is ready to help you make things happen, ramp up and build momentum for whatever the next new normal may bring. Julie is “ human sunshine”, she casts light on even the darkest of situations with her insightful ideas, tools and strategies to re-ignite performance, productivity, profits, employee enrichment, engagement and community. She is an award -winning entrepreneurial adventurer, sought-after speaker and coach and the go-to consultant in resilience, positivity, employee well-being, personal and strengths-based leadership. Using her signature Power of Three philosophy blended with a practical, interactive and impactful style, she helps individuals, teams, organizations and government agencies around the world step out and show up with unshakable courage ,confidence and compassion.

Be it virtual or live Julie guides her audience/ clients to:

  • Build, boost and broaden their resilience
  • Heighten self-awareness through their signature strengths
  • Explore the role of positive psychology in business transformation
  • Understand the challenge, stay motivated and focus on solutions
  • Learn and grow from experiences
  • Stay calm, focused and energized
  • Think, eat move and sleep like a champion
  • Reflect and Re-wire for mental and emotional well-being
  • Lift and shift from narrow vision to big picture thinking
  • Turn challenges into victory & victims into masters
  • Connect , collaborate and create by asking new questions
  • Prioritize self-care so they can stand stay strong, grounded and flow through change.

Over the last 3 decades she has gathered a strong portfolio of experience-based wisdom and insights backed by solid academic studies. She is on a mission to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of teams by co-creating and leading customized interventions, giving keynote speeches and running group coaching programs at different levels across multiple sectors. Julie’s authentic, interactive and straightforward style is a breath of fresh air. Some of her clients include Fortune 500 companies like HSBC, AXA , and BNY Mellon.

Other organizations across the Middle East, Asia, India and the USA include; FedEx, Astra Zeneca, Land Rover, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Emirates National Oil Company , Coco-Cola, ZF Engineering, American Chamber of Commerce, British Business Group, World Human Development Congress, Million Dollar Round Table, Nike, Women in Law, C-Suite Network, Etihad Airways, KLM and Canon, Lincoln University & Business School. Julie has climbed several high-altitude mountains, attempted a solo-swim of the English channel and has led multi-national teams of men and women on 61 expeditions to more than 20 countries including the Arctic and Antarctica. Her experience in challenging , unpredictable and remote environments gives her the leading edge when it comes to overcoming obstacles and remaining calm, focused and optimistic. Julie helps teams perform at their peak, stay focused, healthy , energized and agile as they navigate the journey ahead.




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