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she reveals the often-surprising secrets to success and fulfillment in the 21st century.

Connie Dieken

World’s #1 Leadership Communication Advisor, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author on Leadership Influence and Executive Presence


No one is better equipped to guide leaders in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific on how to accelerate their leadership influence to maximize performance than Connie Dieken. Global Gurus has named her the World’s #1 Leadership Communication Advisor and Thinkers50 designates her a Top Global Executive Coach.


Connie is a strategic advisor to top-performing C-Suite executives in Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and many other countries.  

Connie’s strategies and methodologies help leaders gain unwavering commitment from key stakeholders for their key initiatives—including global expansions, mergers, initial public offerings, diversity programs, sustainability initiatives, leadership team transitions, board approvals, and other transformative growth drivers.

Connie began honing her unparalleled influence methodology as a television news journalist. A five-time Emmy Award winner, she was inducted into the Radio/TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

In 2000, she launched The Influence Lab to help senior leaders influence their key initiatives, unify stakeholders, and shape a positive, profitable future. Connie has developed three game-changing leadership influence tools for her clients: The Influence Matrix which ensures that leaders are well-positioned to influence lasting change; Influence360º, a psychometric tool that pinpoints specific influence habits; and The Influence Cycle Methodology, which guides leaders to influence even the most resistant stakeholders under the most challenging conditions.  

Connie is also a masterful keynote speaker. She commands the world’s largest stages with remarkable credibility and warmth, delivering engaging, action-provoking keynotes that inspire audiences to accelerate their influence. Connie weaves together powerful insights and stories from her unique experiences as an executive advisor, leadership researcher, and broadcast journalist. Her combination of stage skills and game-changing content led to Connie’s induction into the National Speakers Association’s Keynote Speakers Hall of Fame

She also delivers leadership masterclasses and moderates leadership team meetings. In this highly pragmatic format, Connie guides teams to strategize, align, and solidify their key initiatives messaging to maximize their impact with key stakeholders. 

Connie is the author of two bestselling books, Talk Less, Say More and Become the Real Deal. She’s also contributed to five other books with leadership colleagues and is currently writing another book, Influence with Integrity: The No-Manipulation Method to Achieve Positive Change in a Negative World.




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