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“Harvard Business Review called Papa CJ one of the most influential comedians around the world.”

Comedian Papa CJ

Stand-up Comedian, Executive host and Motivational speaker

Award winning Asia’s Best Stand-up Comedian who delivers highly interactive and entertaining sessions.

Papa CJ is world renowned stand-up comedian, executive coach and motivational speaker. He has been invited to speak at Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford. As a coach he has worked with over 50 blue-chip companies across the globe including Nike, Google and UBS in Europe, Accenture, E&Y and Deutsche Bank in America, Universal Music and the BBC in the UK and HSBC, Oracle and Unilever in India.

Papa CJ’s USP is that he helps clients draw extremely relevant business learnings from the realm of international stand-up comedy. His sessions are highly interactive and as you might expect, always entertaining. He has won awards for both Asia’s Best Stand-up Comedian and India’s Best Stand-up Comedian.

Harvard Business Review called Papa CJ one of the most influential comedians around the world and has published a podcast on his journey of transformation. An MBA from the University of Oxford and an ex-management consultant, Papa CJ is also a trained laughter yoga leader. Under his initiative called The Papa CJ Happiness Project, he performs in support of charitable initiatives across the world.

“A world-class global comedian. A spellbinding storyteller” – Huffington Post, New York. “Accomplished stand-up that crosses continents and decades.” – The Scotsman, Scotland. “You will walk out vowing to tell your friends about this comedian.” – Herald Sun, Australia. “Devastatingly clever humour.” – The Music.com.au, Australia. “Comedy, courage and class.” – Hindustan Times, India. (-) Read less Naked Leadership: Naked leadership is a unique training module for senior leaders. The first part of the module involves watching a critically acclaimed one-man show by an award-winning international comedian. This is a show that has been invited to premiere on Broadway in New York and the Soho Theatre in London. The performance is followed by introspection and discussion in small groups and then a larger group debrief. Authenticity, vulnerability, risk-taking, communication, spontaneity, storytelling, gratitude, positivity, and personal growth are some of the areas where participants draw insights from. Details of the performance are available here: https://papacj.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Papa-CJ-Naked-for-Clients-.pdf A Comedian’s Guide to Marketing and Content Strategy: A stand-up comedian is a brand. While his brand message and point of view remains the same, his audience changes across cities and countries. In an age of 140 characters and limited attention spans he needs to grab attention immediately and bring his target audience over to his point of view. While organisations may get customer feedback via social media, phone calls or emails, a comedian’s feedback is received instantly in the room. This workshop explores the strategies, tools and techniques international stand-up comedians successfully use and how they are directly relevant to businesses. We explore the key ideas to keep in mind before creating any piece of content, what kind of content grabs attention, segmentation strategies, understanding barriers and playing to your strengths and strategies for growth. Customised talks and workshops: In addition to his performances as a stand-up comedian, anchor, moderator, and interviewer, Papa CJ also speaks and coaches on a range of topics. His approach is to first understand the problem that the client is trying to solve and then create a customised workshop that can best help the client achieve their goals. Areas that he can address include the art of persuasion, negotiation, managing presence, managing expectations, building a personal brand, presentations, loving your job, breaking unhealthy patterns, networking, happiness, rapport building, storytelling, performing at your peak, creativity, prioritisation, seeing the big picture, delegation, making complex sales, navigating change, pulling out the poison, handling conflict, dealing with difficult people, killing procrastination, entrepreneurial thinking and achieving what you want. Stand-up comedy performance: Papa CJ is a world-renowned stand-up comedian who has won awards for both Asia’s and India’s Best Stand-up Comedian. He has performed over 2000 shows in 25 countries and has had numerous appearances on NBC, BBC, Comedy Central, Showtime, MTV, Paramount, The Comedy Channel, ITV and a host of other international networks. He is the only Indian comedian to have shot his own solo special with Comedy Central Asia. Forbes Magazine called him ‘the global face of Indian stand-up’ and Harvard Business Review called him one of the most influential comedians around the world. He has taped a Showtime USA stand-up comedy special and on the American TV show Last Comic Standing, he was placed in the top 10 from over 3000 contestants across the world. He was the first Indian comedian to be invited to premiere at the prestigious Soho Theatre in London, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival in London, and the Sydney and Perth Comedy festivals in Australia. His show received standing ovations at its premiere on Broadway.


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