About: Himanshu Saxena

“Think differently. Enhance the energy within.”

Himanshu Saxena

Executive Coach, Strategist Design Thinker & Mindfulness Practitioner

He is among the world’s top 100 coaches in Strategy and Culture.

Himanshu Saxena, CEO Centre of Strategic Mindset is among the world’s top 100 coaches in Strategy and Culture.

He is a prolific Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Coach. He founded Centre of Strategic Mindset, with a mission to groom strategic minds who can deliver bold business impact. He has led six successful career transitions spanning across Exploration Geologist, Armed Forces, United Nations, Consulting, Corporations and Entrepreneurship. He headed Strategy and Leadership Development at Tata Consultancy Services, where he implemented strategy for 23 Industry Domains and groomed 300 leaders for top leadership roles, including CEOs.

Himanshu is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Design Thinking Coach, a global expert in Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation.

His vast experiences across geographies (India to Africa), regions (Developing to Developed World), terrain (Desert to Glaciers) and industries (Start-ups to MNCs) have rendered him a range of expertise varying: –

  1. From Envisioning to Execution
  2. From Ideation to Innovation
  3. From Creativity to Prototyping
  4. From Personal Transformation to Leading Business – People – Results
  5. From Philosophy to Business Transformation
  6. From Mindfulness to Mindset of Scale
  7. From Being Inspired to Inspiring
  8. From Personal Change to Leading Change

During his multiple stints in varied career, certain things have remained constant, his ability to manage people of multiple ethnicity, dealing with ambiguity, building teams and their potential from scratch and strategizing and execution. With an intention to package all the diverse experiences across varied sectors into products from which individuals can learn and get inspired, he founded Centre of Strategic Mindset.

Himanshu’s most favourite themes for keynotes and offsites are: –

  • Let Risk be Your best friend
  • What is your Strategy of life?
  • Learning First Relevance Later
  • Relationships First Outcomes Later
  • Strategic Thinking the Doorway to Future
  • Secret for Happiness lies in High Tolerance for Ambiguity
  • Design the Business you wish to Lead
  • Strategy = Choice, Innovation and Value
  • Network Equals Networth – Art of Networking
  • Leveraging Ambiguity to Leverage Value

Himanshu draws his wisdom from many arenas and disciplines such as; learning, teaching, travelling, handling complex transformation-projects, conversations from leaders who led successfully or missed out creating an impact and converting daily-routine observations and experiences into signature stories.


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