Business Matchmaking

Business matchmaking is a method to identify and connect (match) companies and people with common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies or business strengths. The goal is to create cooperative connections and realize business opportunities that mutually benefit both parties.

Categories for business matchmaking

Business Set-Up
& Marketing Activation


Investment -
US & India Markets

Equities, Futures, SIP

Property - Residential & Commercial

India & UAE

Digital Marketing

Linkedin, SEO, Instagram, Website & Graphic Design

Brand Activation /
Product Launch events

India & UAE

PR & Media Services
in India and UAE

India & USA

We can connect you with your target audience through customized and curated online and offline events.

We introduce you to selected vendors, partners, buyers and distributors.

We save you valuable time, costs and ensure a professional connect with trust and integrity.


What is your aspiration, goal, contact you are looking for that will help you grow your business and /or increase the value of your portfolio?