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The Habit Coach™. He believes that awesome lives start with awesome habits.

Ashdin Doctor

Motivation Speaker

Ashdin Doctor is known as The Habit Coach™. He believes that awesome lives start with awesome habits. And helps people learn about their existing habits and shows them how they can change their habits to ultimately change their lives.


Ashdin is not a “Motivation Speaker”. In fact, he likes to think of himself as an “Anti-Motivation speaker”. He believes that motivation does not last long. For real life-changing action, we have to focus on creating “Intention” and “Habits”.


Ashdin’s unique approach to Habit Coaching has helped thousands of people around the world. His ability lies in breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-follow steps. These steps help in taking action and their consistency helps form new habits.


Ashdin has conducted workshops for Google, Herba Life, Bank of America, YPO, EO, Rotary Club and many others. He is regularly invited to give keynote talks at events around health- wellness, work habits and mental wellness. As well as be a part of panel discussions on topics ranging from, Gut health, sleep, podcasting, personal transformation, and human evolution.

The workshops that Ashdin Doctor is most famous for are:

  • The Habit Master Class: Change your Habits Change your Life
  • Wellness MicroHabits: Habits to live a Life of Vitality
  • Don’t Manage your time, Manage your energy
  • Work Habits I wish I Knew at 25
  • De-stressing MasterClass: Stop Managing Stress and let it go
  • Nutrition Habits: Stop Dieting
  • Habits to Evolve yourself and Your Business
  • Habits for Students
  • Morning Habits: The perfect start to your day


He hosts The Habit Coach Podcast (https://open.spotify.com/show/1C53AFxFCRpyexwvfD5337) which regularly features in the top 10 health and wellness podcasts in India. With 500,000 downloads each month. With over a thousand episodes, the podcast is a repository of knowledge from thought leaders across the world.




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