About: Arunagiri Mudaaliar

“Dr. Arunaagiri is the first Indian to be certified by the Blair Singer Academy, USA for competency and excellence in the area of Training and Facilitation.”

Arunagiri Mudaaliar

Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar is an established, Passionate and Intense Sales Trainer, Motivator and Success Coach whose mission is to empower and enable every human being whom he trains to remove their self-created barriers and unleash the dormant potential, thereby live a more powerful, Positive, Prosperous and Purposeful life.

His qualifications include an M.SC (Mumbai), Master of Management Studies and Certificate in Marketing & Sales (Holland).

An alumnus of IIM (Ahmedabad) he has undergone personal trainings from several international trainers such as Ron Kaufman, Tony Buzan, Blair Singer, David Cunningam, Ivan Misner and Harv Ekar.

He has been conferred with an honorary doctorate by Commonwealth Vocational University at Singapore for Education and Training. He has also been conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Personal Excellence and Life Mastery with specialization in Transformational Leadership by IVUPE, Bangalore, India.

Having more than 25 years’ experience in the corporate world with companies like Pfizer and Laxmi Pumps where he held top management positions, Dr. Arunaagiri started his own enterprise nearly two decades back by the name M/s. Pacific Trends Pvt. Ltd which is one of the leaders in the soft luggage industry today.

He has also received Asia Top Business Awards 2016 IBF SINGAPORE for entrepreneur excellence.

Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar has been associated with several international forums as a Trainer with BNI (USA), Blair Singer Training Academy USA, MILT (Dale Carnegie based module), Landmark Technologies, Professional Insights and SSY etc.

Known as an “Attitudinal Guru”, his programs inspire participants to perform at their inherent maximum potential and is greatly loved and admired.

Dr. Arunaagiri’s expertise lies in executing Training modules on the latest training and facilitation technology based on Accelerated Training Technology, Suggestiology and the latest findings on Brain Science which enables his participants to experience irreversible transformation and growth in his training programs.



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