About: Hitesh Ramchandani

Hitesh is consistently voted as the best inspirational speaker in every event he speaks at, and has successfully delivered keynotes

Hitesh Ramchandani

Best inspirational speaker

He is a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer

Hitesh is a Paralympic Medal winner with the Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football Team and the author of the book “Better Than Normal” which has sold more than 15,000copies worldwide. He has received the South-East Asia Excellence Awards-Special Mention of Outstanding Achievements for being an exceptional role model to youth all around the world.

Hitesh is also a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer and is featured regularly on local and global TV, Radio and Magazines for his crazy mission to inspire 50 Million People by 2050!

Hitesh was born with Cerebral Palsy. But despite his condition, till date he has touched and won the hearts of more than 2 Million people from over 32 Nationalities. He is consistently voted as the best inspirational speaker in every event he speaks at, and has delivered keynotes at Microsoft, TATA Steel, HSBC, Prudential, Great Eastern, Buhler and Deutsche Bank.



“When Hitesh came out to speak I was so moved that I had to get up and walk out of the room momentarily so that I could have a minute to myself to let the floodgates open. Hitesh is the type of guy that won’t allow any self-pity take over him. He has plenty of reasons to be upset but the beauty is, he turns adversity into positivity. Hitesh is an asset to the society.”

- Damien Elston
CEO, Founder, Top One Coaching, USA - Florida

“Hitesh’s energy and enthusiasm blew the whole platform. Hitesh is a gentle giant who battled hard to overcome the obstacles in his life. He is extremely inspirational and funny. Hitesh could actually find humour in his daily challenges he faced, which is something a lot of people can learn from.”

- Adrienne Westman
Business Owner at top Alliance coaching, South Africa - Cape Town

”Our members and guests thoroughly enjoyed the interactive approach and were able to gain a better insight into the Arabic culture along with greater respect for its people. Ali’s presentation is vital in today’s world, where the Arabic culture and traditions are often greatly misunderstood. We highly recommend ‘Embrace Arabia’ to any business or individuals interested in learning about and working in the Gulf.”

- Ahmed Shehada
Chairman, Canadian Business Council Dubai & the Northern Emirates