About: Gaurav Bhalla

In 2016, he won a Global Executive Education Specialist of the Year Award.

Gaurav Bhalla

Creativity and Cognitive Diversity

A provocative, charismatic, entertaining speaker, who takes organizations, teams, and individuals on transformational leadership journeys of greater professional success and personal fulfillment.

Dr. Gaurav Bhalla is a speaker, educator, a business coach with 40+ years of global experience in Leadership, Marketing, Innovation, and Strategy. CEO of Knowledge Kinetics, he spends the bulk of his time helping SMBs, entrepreneurs, and individuals achieve greater business and personal success through initiatives like greater teamwork and collaboration.

Widely traveled, he has worked on 5 different continents and interacted with executives in over 30 different countries, as a multinational C – suite executive, business consultant, entrepreneur, and educator. He has worked with a variety of companies, such as Glaxo, Capital One, Citi, Sprint, Deloitte, and Marriott, in several sectors, such as Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Financial, Health Care, Automotive, and Construction.

Additionally, Gaurav has also designed and implemented executive education programs at leading Business Schools like Georgetown, Duke, Singapore Management University, University of Maryland, GIBS-South Africa, Indian School of Business, and at corporate Universities of companies like Glaxo, Sprint, Kodak, Hallmark, Deloitte, IBM, Boeing, and Texas Instruments.

Gaurav is a provocative, charismatic, entertaining speaker, who takes organizations, teams, and individuals on transformational leadership journeys, and inspires them to see and hear the worlds they live and work in, in new and diversely different ways. Published in both business and literature, he’s the author and advocate of “Soulful Leadership TM. His newest book, “Awakening A Leader’s Soul,” presents a new human-centric leadership manifesto, which declares that in the 21 st century, visionary leadership will be more about the humanity of leaders, not just their executive brilliance.





“Gaurav is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve seen … and I’ve seen quite a few. The way in which he balances wisdom, insight, poetry, and humor is a rare gift that will leave you wanting more. It is without an ounce of hesitation that I recommend Gaurav Bhalla for your next presentation, facilitation, training, or keynote address. This man delivers. ”

Driven to Excel

I thought he was an amazing passionate presenter. I really enjoyed the program. My takeaway was that you need to listen to other people instead of giving your own thougths and opinions and putting those on other people and that it's the we that will create the leadership.

- Ines LeBow
Enterprise Transformation Solutions

He changed me and how many people do you go talk to or hear in the talk and a breakfast can you say that about I thought the presentation was fabulous. I've seen her out before and he's bringing what I considered kind of the elephant in the room part of the conversation to the forefront he is having us deal with something that we have lost sight of for so long and what was so refreshing about the rob was to realize that we all have the tools we just have to look in the other pocket. It's not something magnificient leadership thing, it's our humanity.

- David Schulman
Force Counsel

“Gaurav Bhalla is an energetic, positive speaker with a unique approach to leadership training. He leads his audience on a journey of self-discovery through inspirational poetry. He challenges leaders to bring their head and heart into alignment thereby bringing their best self and most effective solutions to the tasks of leading.”

- Partner
Cooley, LLP