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“Think differently. Enhance the energy within.”

Michael Podolinsky

Productive Training, Mentoring and Coaching

He was awarded both the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Business Leadership and the Business Man of the Year award.


EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS: 33-year business owner (28 years in the Asia-Pacific region), award winning sales person and president of associations, he shares real-world, practical skills and knowledge helping leadership transform their people. He was awarded both the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Business Leadership and the Business Man of the Year award.

EXPERTISE: Michael authored 15 books on these subjects! McGraw Hill Productivity Series author of ‘Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia’ and ‘Productivity: Winning In Life’ , he is the AUTHORITY on Productivity. Other works include: ‘Mining For Gold’ (Pearson Prentice Hall) teaches team leaders how to get feedback from even the quietest employees. ‘Smart Leadership’, ‘Go For Your Goals’, ‘Winning At Work’, & ‘E-mail & Voicemail Tools’ have influenced 100,000+ leaders worldwide to get results and grow profits.

CSP & CSPGlobal: Michael is one of only 21 CSPs to be the FIRST in the world to receive this award out of over 684 CSPs worldwide from a base of over 20,000 speakers. The prerequisite is CSP, an earned designation based upon 5 years of business diagnostics examining Return On Investment (ROI) for clients, Ethics and Platform Excellence. CSPGlobal demonstrates acute cultural sensitivity, knowledge of 6 major global markets and ongoing contributions to the industry & professionalism.

Need your managers to be more productive and…

Motivate their team(s)?
Run better meetings?
Develop their people?
Keep an eye on costs?
Strive to build unity and team spirit?
Communicate information given them?
Speak more confidently and professionally?
Boost their productivity and that of their team?
Want your staff be more productive and…

Quit wasting time?
Work as ONE team?
Follow-up on promises?
Offer more suggestions?
Get their priorities straight?
Find and use their passions?
Take more initiative & ownership of projects?
Speech & Keynote Topics:

‘Hungry, Committed, Focused… ‘ (motivational)
‘Productivity: Winning In Life!’ (personal and professional development)
‘Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia’ (managerial productivity)

Seminars & Workshops:

‘Productive Time & Stress Management’ –
1 hour – 5 days, supported by Michael’s McGraw Hill Book, ‘Productivity: Winning In Life!’
‘Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams’ –
1 hour – 5 days with systems and ‘how-to’ info based upon Michael’s McGraw Hill Book
”Mining For Gold! Facilitation Skills to Unearth a Wealth of Ideas From Your Team!’
1 hour to 3 days based upon his Pearson Prentice Hall book and can include keys to conducting productive meetings
‘Productive Training, Mentoring and Coaching!
1 hour to 5 days of tools to train, develop and grow your people.




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