You Are Never Too Young And Never Too Old To Learn

Ram Ganglani with Jack Canfield

Ram Ganglani with Jack Canfield

At my age, (65, this October), I find that I am still learning something new everyday.  That really fascinates me.  When I went to attend the 7 day “Breakthrough to Success” program with Jack Canfield in Arizona last month, I thought I might be the most senior participant.

I generally do not feel embarrassed when I am learning amidst people much younger to me.  In fact, it makes me feel proud that I still have the passion, the enthusiasm and desire to keep learning.

Well, at Jack Canfield’s program in Phoenix, where there were over 325 participants,  I was surprised when I realized there were 20 members older to  me and one, as old at 80+  WOW!  What a revelation.  As we have heard, “You are never too old to learn” and also “You are never too young to learn” , because the youngest participant there was 17.  Imagine having , in a classroom,  participants that are 60 years apart in age and still enjoying and benefitting from the teachings.  Amazing isn’t it.

Of course, full credit also goes to the teacher, Jack Canfield and his full team for the way the event flowed. What Jack taught and how this was imparted to us, especially as it was a largely interactive session, with certain exercises that we did with our eyes closed. This uniqueness really was the key to keeping each one of us fully engaged for 7 full days. It was a “first of a kind” experience for me.  I have attended over a hundred workshops and I have also been through visualizations and guided meditations, but this was a totally new experience.

Here are a few selected experiences that really intrigued and impacted me:

  • Imagine holding a partner’s hands and having a conversation with your eyes closed and your lips sealed.  And after five or ten minutes of that, you feel you had a connection, an understanding, a rapport with the other person.  Really incredible.
  • Imagine moving about literally blindfolded in a large hall (empty of furniture), but filled with 325 other participants (eyes closed) for about 30 minutes. No verbal conversation. Yet connecting very well with those you gently bump into, shaking hands, hugging and generally exchanging feelings of joy and appreciation, not even knowing who you are interacting with.  It just gave us all a feeling of oneness.  Accepting each other equally, without any judgment. This really was a powerful mind shifting exercise.
  • Imagine you are standing  still ,  again with  eyes closed., and listen to about 20 plus people, one by one coming to you and whispering a powerful positive message in your ears.  E.G.  “Ram, you are now enjoying more fun and balance both at work and at home.    Ram, You are a genius and you are now using your wisdom to achieve your life’s dreams”  etc.  With my eyes closed, I could feel these great messages on a deeper level, as these words were by passing my logical side of the brain and beginning to influence me through  my subconscious mind.

There are many more impactful, life changing exercises I remember which I would love to share in one of my future blogs.

And now for the good news:  We are actually in conversation with Jack to invite him back here to Dubai, early next year,  for the benefit of all those in this region to also enjoy this wonderful transformational experience.   Jack has an extremely busy diary, as he is highly popular with a huge demand on his time. We are working towards getting a few days from him so he could tour the Gulf region and even hop across to India once again.

Let us see what we can secure. It is exciting times for us to get him back here again.  Once the dates are in place, you will be amongst the first to know.

Ram Ganglani

Ram Ganglani

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