What Is Missing In The World Today?

Whats Missing In LifeWhat is missing in the world today?

The world would be a better place to live in if we stopped chasing and running every hour of the day.

We need to have self discipline, slow down, look around, breathe slowly and deeply, enjoy nature, feel our closeness with the Creator.

We appear to be short of time! We are too busy filling our days, doing as many things as we can, every minute of the hour .

Our lifestyle pushes us to ignore our health and value it only on the days that we are sick.

An abundance mentality is lacking, whereby we are running after more and more, with the false belief that the more we have, the more chances of being constantly happy.

We already have so much, much more than we realise. We should therefore take time to feel, digest, enjoy and value all the good things we have been blessed with.

Instead of rushing out to get and acquire every morning, we should reverse our thinking and ask ourselves as we start the day and step out : “What can I give today, that others need, that others will appreciate?”

That way of thinking will throw in our laps the happiness we are constantly seeking.

Then we won’t have to run. We won’t have to chase. We will have received and attracted the happiness we know we deserve.

Ram Ganglani

Ram Ganglani


The Values We Pass On To The Next Generation Will Stay

As a father, I still remember the day my son Gautam was born followed by Jay, nearly three years later.

It is amazing how quickly the kids grow. They went to school, graduated and completed their education in London: they soon learnt to be independent, they learnt to drive, and they chose their careers and later chose the woman of their lives.

Today, Gautam ( 37) is already himself a doting father with a seven year old angel and expecting his second child in the coming year, while Jay ( 34) has become a proud dad very recently. We just had another angel in the family.

As I look back to their childhood days, I recall that besides playing with them and helping them with their studies, I had the opportunity to share with Gautam and Jay the true values of life. At that age, the souls are so pure, they just soak it all. I knew I had to be a good role model, knowing how natural it is for children to copy their parents. Today I see in them, the values, principles, morals, I had instilled, and am proud and happy that the foundation had been well laid and now I am bearing the fruits. I see in them, very much visible, the wealth of sympathy, love, kindness and generosity hidden in each human being. Those are our true treasures.

I can honestly say I also did my best to ensure they were happy and comfortable at all times, as I could feel, my happiness was linked to their being happy and joyful.


It is true we cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must love them and accept them as they are, for we all have our own individual way of thinking and doing things. One of the most important things we can continue giving them whatever their age, is our unconditional love. They may be “our’ , but we do not own them.

Children may love us, sometimes judge us, sometimes lose patience with us, but in our hearts we always love them and forgive them. We also know that we may keep giving them material things but most of all they will remember our feelings, how we loved them, how we appreciated them, how we encouraged them, how we supported them to live to their full potential.

My special message for them and their families is : Stay blessed. Continue to spread , love, joy happiness and laughter wherever you go. Live to your full potential and be grateful for everything that you are blessed with.

Ram Ganglani

Ram Ganglani


You Are Never Too Young And Never Too Old To Learn

Ram Ganglani with Jack Canfield

Ram Ganglani with Jack Canfield

At my age, (65, this October), I find that I am still learning something new everyday.  That really fascinates me.  When I went to attend the 7 day “Breakthrough to Success” program with Jack Canfield in Arizona last month, I thought I might be the most senior participant.

I generally do not feel embarrassed when I am learning amidst people much younger to me.  In fact, it makes me feel proud that I still have the passion, the enthusiasm and desire to keep learning.

Well, at Jack Canfield’s program in Phoenix, where there were over 325 participants,  I was surprised when I realized there were 20 members older to  me and one, as old at 80+  WOW!  What a revelation.  As we have heard, “You are never too old to learn” and also “You are never too young to learn” , because the youngest participant there was 17.  Imagine having , in a classroom,  participants that are 60 years apart in age and still enjoying and benefitting from the teachings.  Amazing isn’t it.

Of course, full credit also goes to the teacher, Jack Canfield and his full team for the way the event flowed. What Jack taught and how this was imparted to us, especially as it was a largely interactive session, with certain exercises that we did with our eyes closed. This uniqueness really was the key to keeping each one of us fully engaged for 7 full days. It was a “first of a kind” experience for me.  I have attended over a hundred workshops and I have also been through visualizations and guided meditations, but this was a totally new experience.

Here are a few selected experiences that really intrigued and impacted me:

  • Imagine holding a partner’s hands and having a conversation with your eyes closed and your lips sealed.  And after five or ten minutes of that, you feel you had a connection, an understanding, a rapport with the other person.  Really incredible.
  • Imagine moving about literally blindfolded in a large hall (empty of furniture), but filled with 325 other participants (eyes closed) for about 30 minutes. No verbal conversation. Yet connecting very well with those you gently bump into, shaking hands, hugging and generally exchanging feelings of joy and appreciation, not even knowing who you are interacting with.  It just gave us all a feeling of oneness.  Accepting each other equally, without any judgment. This really was a powerful mind shifting exercise.
  • Imagine you are standing  still ,  again with  eyes closed., and listen to about 20 plus people, one by one coming to you and whispering a powerful positive message in your ears.  E.G.  “Ram, you are now enjoying more fun and balance both at work and at home.    Ram, You are a genius and you are now using your wisdom to achieve your life’s dreams”  etc.  With my eyes closed, I could feel these great messages on a deeper level, as these words were by passing my logical side of the brain and beginning to influence me through  my subconscious mind.

There are many more impactful, life changing exercises I remember which I would love to share in one of my future blogs.

And now for the good news:  We are actually in conversation with Jack to invite him back here to Dubai, early next year,  for the benefit of all those in this region to also enjoy this wonderful transformational experience.   Jack has an extremely busy diary, as he is highly popular with a huge demand on his time. We are working towards getting a few days from him so he could tour the Gulf region and even hop across to India once again.

Let us see what we can secure. It is exciting times for us to get him back here again.  Once the dates are in place, you will be amongst the first to know.

Ram Ganglani

Ram Ganglani


Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of GratitudeThis is a topic that has been spoken & written about many times, however as with many great ideas & concepts it is about taking action for one to reap the benefits.

I recently read Jack Canfield’s bestselling book, Success Principles, attended his 7 Day Breakthrough to Success & met many people from different walks of life.

An attitude of gratitude was something that was shared both in the book & during the learning experience as a very important Success Principle to ensure you are a success & live life with happiness & fulfilment.

There are many people with so many challenges from depression, handicapped, unhealthy, fat, illnesses, low self esteem, no confidence, shy, weak minded, negative, disturbed relationships, past resentments, difficult childhoods, to financial debts.

I encourage each of you to choose to live life with an attitude of gratitude, take care of yourself & look for ways to help each other.

As you help others in need the more you will grow personally in your mentality, attitude, positive feelings, inner fulfilment & live life with more enrichment both personally & professionally.

Many people feel guilty to validate they are a great person, when in fact being guilty denies you from being a great human being who shares, cares & makes a positive difference to the lives of other people whilst constantly learning from the many experiences. Resentment is useless, forgive yourself & give yourself a break from guilt.

I encourage you to live life with an attitude of gratitude, appreciate each person in your life, be thankful for life’s simple pleasure from the meals you have, the great relationships you have, the health you have, have an abundance mentality & be grateful for each day.

Gautam Ganglani

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Purpose of Life

Life PurposeSpirituality in India has many names some find it in religion some in home some in charity some in meditation, yoga. I we see the real meaning Spirituality is relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material. Having a nature of spirit if we say then spirits cannot come to this world without bodies there fore we can conclude that this universe is divided into two parts something’s are having form and others are formless and the balance between the form and formless is called life.

You must be wondering why on earth I should answer such questions, in this busy life there are many things to do but think about it have you ever felt flat after achieving any goal. You call it spirituality or any other name at the end of the day living in this world with a purpose is the answer of all.

Are you living with the question; why I am here in this world…do you ask your self why? What for? Every human comes in this world for a reason but do we strive to search for the reason, for the purpose of our lives? Most of the time the answer is no. no matter, you reach the peak of your career but you still feel empty inside……when you succeed in an unbalanced way you are always flat inside.Find the purpose of your life to ameliorate and circumscribe your life with exuberance in all aspects. Amenity of meaningful life has only one ingredient live with a purpose. Don’t make it a see saw; don’t lead just a successful life lead a purposeful one! it’s the metaphor that will remove the paradox of your existence. it’s neither superfluous nor spurious it’s achievable…once you have found it you can join the varied strings of your life to one thread.

your body is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see, break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body too…connect your life with a purpose.”skin wrinkles at the end, what matters is what it did when it was tight”I believe that every individual has immense capability and strength in them there is need of molding and consecrating them with right molds, with which this human world can lead a purposeful life having positive ripples effect on this universewe choose our next world through what we learn in this one; learn nothing and the next world is same…don’t let your next world the same, add more wings every time you fly.once there was person standing in a square/round about another person came and asked where does this road to your right goes he asked, the first person replied first you tell me where do you want to go, the other person said I don’t know, then the first person replied then take any road right or left how does it matters.

If I don’t have pre conceived purpose and goals in life how would I go ahead, if i don’t know where I am going how will i know when I reach there.

Vibhuti Mutha
by Vibhuti Mutha