The Values We Pass On To The Next Generation Will Stay

As a father, I still remember the day my son Gautam was born followed by Jay, nearly three years later.

It is amazing how quickly the kids grow. They went to school, graduated and completed their education in London: they soon learnt to be independent, they learnt to drive, and they chose their careers and later chose the woman of their lives.

Today, Gautam ( 37) is already himself a doting father with a seven year old angel and expecting his second child in the coming year, while Jay ( 34) has become a proud dad very recently. We just had another angel in the family.

As I look back to their childhood days, I recall that besides playing with them and helping them with their studies, I had the opportunity to share with Gautam and Jay the true values of life. At that age, the souls are so pure, they just soak it all. I knew I had to be a good role model, knowing how natural it is for children to copy their parents. Today I see in them, the values, principles, morals, I had instilled, and am proud and happy that the foundation had been well laid and now I am bearing the fruits. I see in them, very much visible, the wealth of sympathy, love, kindness and generosity hidden in each human being. Those are our true treasures.

I can honestly say I also did my best to ensure they were happy and comfortable at all times, as I could feel, my happiness was linked to their being happy and joyful.


It is true we cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must love them and accept them as they are, for we all have our own individual way of thinking and doing things. One of the most important things we can continue giving them whatever their age, is our unconditional love. They may be “our’ , but we do not own them.

Children may love us, sometimes judge us, sometimes lose patience with us, but in our hearts we always love them and forgive them. We also know that we may keep giving them material things but most of all they will remember our feelings, how we loved them, how we appreciated them, how we encouraged them, how we supported them to live to their full potential.

My special message for them and their families is : Stay blessed. Continue to spread , love, joy happiness and laughter wherever you go. Live to your full potential and be grateful for everything that you are blessed with.

Ram Ganglani

Ram Ganglani

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