Today’s Economy Expects a Buyer Focused Sales Process

Golden-Sales-StrategiesIn today’s economy, more than ever, sales professionals must be in control of the sales process. You will not succeed in our ever changing economy, if you do not fully grasp the enhanced sales process.

Do you follow a sales process?

Congratulations if you answer “yes” and actually commit to a sales process. Evidently, you are responsive to the power of practicing a proven results oriented sales process. If you answer no, please examine the following benefits of an exceptional sales process and adapt them as your daily discipline.

Nearly all sales professionals deem themselves in control of the sales process. Conversely, it is the prospect that possesses full control. The sales person falsely assumes he/she controls the sales process. However, buyers have created a buyers process of their own which they abide by repeatedly.

Consider the facts. It is the prospects who ask questions, qualify sales people and as a result, dismiss them. These are the components of the buyer’s process. Revisit your last job as a sales professional. How would you rate your sales process? Did you ask the essential questions to qualify a prospect? Did you dismiss them because they were not qualified? Were you able to handle the sales process in such a manner to sustain a lasting relationship with said prospect?

These are valid questions and your answers should categorically advance your sales process. Turn your sales process around and put yourself in control. Build a strong relationship by simply allowing the prospect to sense control. A successful sales process emphasizes the ability to listen emphatically and to be genuinely interested.

All human interaction depends on rapport and trust to establish effective communication. Trust is one of the most important aspects of any sales process. Without trust, there is no communication.

As soon as trust is established, the parties progress to the next step in the sales process. They must set mutually agreeable parameters in order to move forward collectively and eliminate any unpleasant surprises.

Valuable sales process parameters are: allocating time for meetings; formulating objectives; documenting view points primarily of the customer followed by those of the sales professional; and attaining permission to ask questions and take notes. Maximize your sales process by forthright communication involving clear “yes” or “no” answers and eliminate TIO (think it over) responses. Demonstrate you do not want to waste the prospect‘s valuable time.

When you have earned the prospect’s trust and have established clear and precise parameters, the ensuing sales process is straightforward.

Follow a proven results oriented sales process and reap the benefits. You will benefit from control of the sales process and build lasting relationships which lead to referrals. You will formulate a secondary sales force, shorten your sales cycle times, increase margins and profits, and finally, contribute to the bottom line. A successful sale begins and ends with an altruistic sales process.

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