Will Motivational Sales Training Help Me?

teamMotivational sales training should be part of the on-going sales training process and is just as important as on-going sales management training.

Part of sales management training should be on how to maintain self-motivation and a motivated sales team.

However, not everyone understands what motivational sales training is really about.Many people attend motivational sales training or talks to get motivated.

What they don’t understand is that any motivation that is external is temporary. As soon as you acquire an incentive, you’ll want a bigger and better one. As soon as you face up to a threat, the threat will no longer stop you.

The only true form of motivation comes from you, for you. This is internal motivation—the only everlasting motivation.

When motivational sales training explores internal motivation, participants have the ability to see, in the present, a projection of the future that they want for themselves. They learn how to define a S.M.A.R.T. goal and it’s emotional outcomes – they can see it, hear it and feel it as if it were accomplished.

But the process doesn’t end there. They learn how to take their desire and put it into motion by developing an action plan for its achievement and move steadily towards that vision day by day.

Motivational sales training can also form the foundation to success by developing the right attitudes from having courage to overcome fears to the willingness of doing something they have never done before.

To accept failure as a learning stepping stone to success or to have the courage to ask, as there is a 50/50 chance of a positive answer.

As you experience this form of motivational sales training as part of the sales training process, your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and self worth grows. With that, you take more actions, more risks and in the end, get better bottom line results.

Sales management training should help management recognize and reward themselves, and their sales team members, as you cannot give something to someone else if you don’t have it inside to give away.

Sales management training should not be about managing numbers, but managing their behaviors and the behaviors of their team members. Any behaviour that gets recognized and rewarded gets repeated.

Sales management training should also include training on motivational sales training and maintaining a motivating sales environment. One in which the sales people and support team members takes ownership of.

You do that by getting your team together and engage them in finding the solution. Make it the team’s idea and allow them to take ownership and ultimately, make it happen. Now is the time for Management to be the facilitator and/or coach. Help your sales team get where they want to go.

You must engage teams to challenge themselves and find the solutions. I reiterate the need to create an ideal environment in which motivation comes from within the individual. In turn, that forward moving environment will stem from Management’s support and trust in the sales team.

As an expert in motivation, I know you cannot make someone else motivated. Only you can motivate you. Management can simply create an environment in which people motivate themselves.

Any attempt to motivate someone else is considered external motivation. External motivation is temporary and usually doesn’t last. However, personal or internal motivation is the true and deepest form of motivation.

Internal motivation is everlasting, and that is why Motivational sales training will help you and should be part of the on-going sales training process and is just as important as sales management training.

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