6 Ways to Activate Your Child’s Mind in the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays have just begun, and every parent is wondering how to fill the time. The kids are already getting bored, it’s raining outside and every toy has been played with. Forget dusting off that old scrabble board; instead why not get the kids to give Mind Mapping a go, with our free iMindMap Basic software.

There aren’t many things out there that are completely free AND fun and entertaining but iMindMap Basic is. More than that, it will fire up your child’s grey matter and bring out their inner creativity. You can download it straight to your desktop from our website and get started in minutes. Easy to use and the perfect platform to get the kids thinking.

So onto what to do with iMindMap Basic once you have downloaded it…here are our 6 top thinking tips for getting creative this summer:

1.    Adventure
Unlock your child’s imagination by getting them to describe exciting adventures. iMindMap is the perfect space for brainstorming ideas and structuring stories, and is used by published authors and primary school children alike to construct literary gems.  Whether the adventure is real or imaginary, if the focus is on princesses or aliens, iMindMap Basic can help develop your child’s creative writing skills.

2.    Perfect Holiday
Every child imagines that perfect holiday. Whether it’s full of theme park rides, wild animals or outdoors fun, we’re sure they have always longed for a certain adventure. Get your child to focus on their senses (see, hear, smell, taste and touch) so that these can guide them through their imaginary trip.

3.    Role Models
Who is your child’s role model? A celebrity, a historic figure or perhaps a family member. Get them to choose someone they look up to, or aspire to be like. Then help them research every detail about their chosen role model, whether they like pizza, are terrified of spiders, any hobbies or talents, and why they look up to them. Fingers crossed they will stumble across something they have in common.

4.    When I Grow Up I Want To Be . . . 
When we were little we all had dreams for the future, from becoming a ballerina to a fire-fighter and even the occasional doctor or accountant. Find out what your child’s future plans are; get them thinking about why they have decided on that specific career, and also how they could make it possible.

5.    Keep in Touch
The last thing you want is for your child to lose contact with their friends or other family members. So during the long break get them to keep their friends up to date. They can create a Mind Map explaining what they’ve been getting up to, including snapshots of their favourite days out and places they’ve been, then share it with their friends, grandparents or relatives.  They can either print the map out or export as an image file to email directly to everyone. Encourage people to reply by creating their own Mind Maps, and hopefully they will keep on sharing throughout the whole summer.

6.    Favourite Sports Team
Most children will have a favourite sports team or athlete and it’s a great passion to encourage. Get your child to research everything, from their history to what they are up to right now, their main achievements and greatest falls, and don’t forget to explain why they choose this particular team or person. They can even track their own sporting progress alongside their chosen sports’ personality or team.  It could be teams such as Manchester United and the Dallas Cowboys, or focused on an individual such as Usain Bolt or Anna Kournikova.

So What’s Next?

All you need to do is download the iMindMap Basic software -  it is completely free of charge and gives you unlimited use forever.

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