Mindmapping Today is About More Than a Visual Diagram

I’ve been using mindmapping software for over 12 years in Fortune 500 companies.  Over that time mindmapping software has evolved from a tool largely for representing information visually to a powerful information management tool.

When you see mindmaps in mindmap libraries like Biggerplate or Maps for That or even on this blog, there is an emphasis on how information is represented visually.  To be sure there is certainly power in representing information spatially and seeing relationships in ways that mirror how the brain works.  You only have to read any of Tony Buzan’sbooks to understand this.

However, today mindmapping is much more than visual representation.  Today, mindmapping is a powerful information management tool that can be dynamically leveraged for project management, strategic planning, data analysis, brainstorming sessions, and integration with productivity tools like Microsoft OutlookExcel, andSharePoint.

Chuck Frey, author of The Mindmapping Software Blog recently created avideo highlighting some of this broad functionality of mindmapping software.  In his video he highlights:

  • Using the topic notes feature
  • Linking websites to topics
  • Attaching documents to topics
  • Using the project management functionality with prioritization and progress icons
  • Linking sub-maps to a dashboard mindmap
  • Using RSS feeds within a mindmap
  • Using database queries in a mindmap
  • Embedding Microsoft Excel ranges in a mindmap
  • Illustrating Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Using SharePoint integration within MindManager

(Click mindmap to enlarge)

I use all of this mindmapping functionality on a daily basis to manage information and achieve business results.  I can say from personal experience that it is this functionality, which extends beyond the visual diagram, that represents the true power of mindmapping.

As more people begin to understand what mindmapping software can do today, mindmapping will become the ultimate tool for business and education.

So now you can take all those mindmaps you’ve downloaded from Biggerplate or Maps for That and integrate this additional functionality to increase your productivity.

Source – [MindMapBlog]