Coaching Your Top Line Executives To Grow Your Bottom Line


Leaders as coaches

In today’s environment there is no successful leadership without the skill of coaching. Modern leaders realise that to engage, develop and retain talent (a limited resource in most markets) people must see value beyond the pay packet. Leaders that coach their people are saying the following to them; ‘You are important to us’, ‘We trust you’, ‘We believe in you’,’We empower you’.

These are the messages that the modern skilled employee wants to hear and the companies that can deliver them consistently throughout the organisation reap the rewards of engaged and committed workers.

Jack Canfield, author of Success Principles & the famous ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, as well as a presenter on ‘The Secret’, was recently in Dubai and I grabbed him to ask a single question,

“What does the modern day leader in the Middle East need to know to be successful?”

Jack’s thoughtful response is an important message to all companies interested in development of their leaders and also individuals ready to take responsibility for the future.



Who’s getting Coached?

According to The Executive Coaching Survey 2013, produced by Sherpa Coaching, the trends are showing consistent growth in the percentage of Top Executives and Senior Managers, who are receiving coaching. An interesting opposite trend for the coaching at ‘All Levels’ would seem to suggest that the experience of democratisation of coaching into lower levels, has not worked out as expected.

How many of your top executive’s have a coach?

Our experience in the Middle East is, this number is growing fast as the ROI benefits become more widely known.

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