JACK CANFIELD – APRIL 8 to 14, 2012 – Tour Summary by Gautam

Jack Canfield INDIA

On the night of 14th April, along with Vikas & my Papa, I dropped family friend, international author & speaker Jack Canfield at the Bangalore Airport.

Jack’s trip started on his arrival in Dubai on 8th April with a welcome hug and a buzz of excitement & anticipation from all our 3 event teams & hundreds of lifelong learners in 3 cities. Jack’s trip ended with a big hug from me at Bangalore airport with wholehearted appreciation & gratitude to participants, sponsors, media, strategic partners, friends, families & Jack for the best 7 days of my 17 year business career. I am abundantly grateful to the powers above.

Right Selection Group has worked with our business partners Vikas Vij of The Ideas Exchange & Mac & Meena of Scion MasterMinds for the last 4 months in planning, marketing & promoting our 7 DAY Tour with Jack Canfield. I thank them & their respective teams who have worked day & night to ensure reach this exciting learning opportunity to as many lifelong learners as possible.

The Success Principles Tour in Dubai, Mumbai & Bangalore included 3 seminars, 3 book signing events, 3 CEO keynote events of which 2 events combined raised over US $20,000 for children with special needs in both Dubai & Bangalore, 26 published interviews, 3 TV interviews,  2 live radio interviews, 3 world class hotels, 2240 people who were personally inspired by Jack, over 2600 books signed personally by Jack, over 1200 pictures uploaded on facebook, 2600 facebook likes, 62 Flip video clips from the 7 days.

On the personal side Jack visited the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, the only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Museum, a boat ride by the creek in Dubai. Jack made a surprise visit to office to meet the Right Selection Team and thanked them for all their hard work.

In Mumbai Jack met with Bollywood personalities Rageshwaari, Aftab Shivdasani, Pooja Bedi & Tara Sharma. Jack Canfield also met & shared the stage with a man who certainly CAN FIELD, South African cricketer & Mumbai Indians fielding coach, Jonty Rhodes.  Jack also attended a live IPL cricket game between Mumbai Indians & Rajasthan Royals and enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere with over 40,000 cricket fans.

In Bangalore Jack visited the Shiv Temple and felt rejuvenated & positively energised. He visited RVM’s beautiful office surrounded by nature and different animals. Last but not the least he visited the beautiful Indian home of Meena & Mac Srinivasan and met the whole family and also surprised the Scion MasterMinds Team to thank them personally.

All 3 teams enjoyed dinner together with Jack & friend Puja from Chennai with her beautiful parents on the 7th night. On day 8 we all sat as a team tour & acknowledged the great learning experience for all 3 teams and shared our successes and what one could do differently in future for an even better experience.

It is hard to believe all of the above personal & professional experience happened in just 7 days. In closing I would like thank Jack Canfield for playing full out with 200 % participation. Professionally you were par excellence always looking to add value, sharing appreciation to all whom you met personally, signed books & took pictures in hundreds at each event with a smile and radiant positive energy. Thank you.

I am very confident that Right Selection, The Ideas Exchange & Scion MasterMinds Teams are totally energised, excited and looking forward to having Breakthrough Goals personally & professionally and will be creating our respective vision boards to ensure we make this a reality.

You can rest assured I will continue to live life with an attitude of gratitude. See you in the USA in August for 7 days to square off your time with us so we can then invite you back again in 2013 :-)

With love & blessings to you Jack & your Team,



Gautam Says BYE to BNI On A HIGH

Today 13th September, I have mixed emotions of sadness & excitement because after 5 years & 9 months I have stepped down personally from being a member of Business Networking International ( BNI ) due to fresh commitments I now have relating to frequent business visits to India.


Gautam Ganglani with Bijay Shah, National Director of the UAE & Kenya & Chairman of BNI International, Dr Ivan Misner with over 500 delegates on Feb 19th, 2011

I wish to place on record that Right Selection Group’s recent rapid growth, more especially in India, has been largely due to BNI India and in particular Bijay Shah, Anuradha Shah, Niiraj Shah, Twiinkle Shah & Niiri Patel who have in many different ways, all helped me achieve my dream this year of hosting Ron Kaufman & Bob Urichuck in India at the BNI India Conference. My personal thanks, to each one of them.

This BNI Conference will always be remembered positively in my mind as a strong starting point for me in launching our company in India enabling Right Selection Group to add value to the lifelong learning community on an SME level and for the big corporate clients. This was added by the delightful pleasure of meeting the Chairman of BNI, Dr Ivan Misner personally at the conference in Mumbai and socially at Niiraj’s 40th Birthday Celebrations.

I am confident the journey has only just begun as we have now been invited by Mac & Murali Srinivasan for the Bangalore National Conference in Feb 2012 with speakers Ron Kaufman & Rick Itzkowich. Thank you all for your wholehearted support & friendship.

I joined BNI, Dubai – The Early Bird’s Chapter, in February 2006 thanks to a great friend and referral partner, Prem Mulani who invited me for a Visitors Day launch at Al Habtoor hotel.

I very much remember joining BNI after attending my first meeting at Palm Hotel next to Hard Rock Cafe. I was very curious to learn how and why members came at 6.45am every week and paid over US $1000 for an annual membership. What were they benefitting from BNI ? However I learnt very fast and my findings very were positive.

In my very first meeting I received a referral for Asif Osman of Air Miles who booked his entire team for the Ron Kaufman Public Seminar. I immediately realised I had received back my return on my investment in the BNI membership within the first week.

This referral alone has a Butterfly story as our Chairman of BNI Dr Ivan Misner shares, and putting things simply, this referral resulted in on-going business for one year with Air Miles and its clients including Hertz, Panasonic & Black & Decker doing more than US $50,000 worth of business with Right Selection in year one.

The above is a story being simply shared to endorse BNI as the best business referral & relationship building organisation in the world.

Within 6 months of joining BNI I had also visited chapters in London & Mumbai and what was most admirable about BNI is the consistency in all 3 countries with regards timing, punctuality, attitude of “How can I help you?” and a genuine interest to build relationships.

By following the “Givers Gain” Philosophy of what goes around comes around, the potential of a regular flow of business and continuous growth are very much in your hands. It is in your hands how you are able to help & in turn motivate your fellow members to help you by providing you with qualified referrals.

Right Selection Group’s goal: Our goal is simple…. to help you reach yours, follows the same philosophy and I endorse this mindset combined with living life with an attitude of gratitude being your greatest asset to success and inner happiness.

At a time when the economy was extremely challenging in Jan 2009, about 3 years into my BNI membership we were given badges,“ I am not participating in the recession” which was another great initiative from BNI which I fully supported.

Phil Bedford was a friend & a member of Early Birds when I joined in 2006, however in 2009 when he launched The Referral Institute, I booked myself for the 12 week Certified Networker Workshops.

During this time, I also took on the role of Chapter Director of Early Birds successfully for 1 year and was proud to be recognised at the BNI Dubai Conference by the National Directors Bijay & Anna Shah for being on the Green Status of Traffic Lights with 100 points for a whole year. This was a huge achievement and a learning curve for me and I recommend everyone to take a Leadership role as it will add tremendous value in Visibility, Credibility & Profitability within BNI for you and in turn help you become a better and more versatile human being for your business and your community.

I recommend any entrepreneur looking to take their BNI membership to a deeper level of commitment to meet Phil Bedford personally to learn how you can have a steady flow of predictability in your business by having regular qualified referrals through the power of Referral Institute.

I am abundantly grateful to BNI for the learning because from presenting 60 seconds to taking on different roles & responsibilities, it is in turn a form of personality development.

The intangible benefits include the quality of people that you meet. To me it has been like having a board of advisors from 25+ different industries and it is testimony that the more you put into BNI the more will receive from BNI in business, valuable advice & learning.

BNI has made a tremendous impact on my life personally & professionally & I will always be abundantly grateful for the doors that have been opened by BNI for me both in the Gulf & India.

An additional testimony I would like to share about BNI is that for the last 5+ years both personally & professionally is to always look to BNI members as my preferred service providers and give them first right of refusal. This is something I will continue to do so with full confidence & trust in the BNI network.

Throughout my 5 + years at any given time I had a minimum of 10 members being service providers for Right Selection from my chapter. This the trust & credibility that I have in BNI and the members.

Last Thursday the 8th of September I hosted the Early Birds Social at my home with members, partners and some VIP guests. A fun filled evening which went on until 2am. Today on Tuesday 13th September, I presented the 10 minutes slot at my last chapter meeting on the Mind Mapping workshop for Kids and the seminar with international speaker Bob Nelson based on the best selling book UBUNTU a philosophy about the importance of creating positive teamwork & collaberation to ensure productivity & success. UBUNTU has been inspired by Dr Nelson Mandela & the author has been endorsed by world renowned speakers Steven Covey & Ken Blanchard. A dream finish to my BNI membership tenure. Thank you Early Birds.

Thank you BNI International, Dr Ivan Misner, Bijay Shah, Anuradha Shah, Phil Bedford, Niiraj Shah, Twiinkle Shah, Niiri Patel & Phil Berg.

My thanks also to the current Early Bird Chapter members of 2011 and past members Bency Kurien, Nic WW, Nic Watson, Nic Pearson, Steven Brown, Fiona Swaffield, Niousha, Srikanth, Prakash Lakhiani, Susan Furness, Mazarine, Mahesh Shahani, Sonja Ohly, Sabine Poolke, Youmna, Zena, & Nasim for the friendship, support & advice which has been invaluable.

I also had the pleasure of additional friendships in BNI with Joshi, Manoj Pillai, Phil Bedford, Graham Moore, Simran Samtani, Hussein Hallak, Corrina Cross, Claire Kanj, Claire Fenner, Sonam Mirchandani, Dave Crane, Vishal Shah amongst many other BNI members including my BNI friends in India like Sumeet Vaid, Sampath, Gopal, Alpaa, Sundeep Jain, Prashant Welling, Ajith Panicker, Arunaagii,Shailesh Kedia, Neha, Hitesh, Nitin Sapre, Viral, Meena, Mac & Murali just to name a few. Thank you BNI UAE & BNI INDIA members at large.

Right Selection Group will be continuing its representation & membership of BNI in the UAE through my colleague Ms.Vibhuti Dugga as a member of the Early Birds and my positive word of mouth about BNI as a referral & relationship building network will continue as well, with qualified referrals.

On a closing note, I will continue to live life with an attitude of gratitude, givers gain mindset & continue my dream of reaching more people to enjoy the learning & networking experience from our events and enrich their lives so that I create a memorable legacy. Thank you.


“Breakthrough To Success” With Jack Canfield In Arizona – 2012

Greetings from Arizona one of the fastest growing states in the US and popularly known for the Grand Canyon. Arizona is also part of the Western United States , the sixth most extensive state and the 16th most populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

Jack Canfield

I am staying at the Fairmont, Scottsdale Princess when I am attending the “Breakthrough To Success” for 7 days with Jack Canfield. I am delighted to be attending this learning experience with my dad & mentor & international speaker, Bob Urichuck with his son Dave. That itself is a unique story in itself to have two father & sons attend a world renowned learning experience with author, speaker & though leader, Jack Canfield.

Over 325 lifelong learners are attending BTS from 26 different countries, including 12 delegates from Dubai my home city. This speaks leaps & bounds of the credibility of this fantastic learning experience. This is Jack’s 20th year conducting BTS and officially his last time that he will be conducting BTS.

Our day started at 6.30am when we walked for an hour around the property include the amazing Golf Course followed by a swim. Actually I was awake since 3am considering I was still adjusting to the 11 hour time difference despite having slept only 4 hours the night before. I guess the body clock needs more time to adjust the clocks of sleep time.

The day start with a foyer filled with positive energy, meeting of friends & lifelong learners buzzing with positive energy & excitement.

Jack walked in cool, calm & collected with a positive aura & vibrant energy meeting each & every delegate with a warm heart to heart hug.

Breakthrough to Success

He welcomed the delegates by promising us these would be one of the most exciting and challenging 7 days of our lives.

He assured us a learning experience that would be both conceptual and theoretical, with the aim to expose us to the most current concepts in how to create the life of our dreams. This was so very true, because after laying down the ground rules and securing our agreements to abide by the guidelines to get the most out of the training, he dived straight and deep into a series of group exercises that launched for us the experiential learning we were promised.

Each exercise was unique with subtle learnings about one self, as they pushed us to dig in and peel of layer after layer to uncover of forgotten information that had been pushed aside ( hidden away) over a period of time. One that was a unique experience was having a Hand Conversation with our eyes shut for about 10 minutes. The experience was totally new and just unbelievable, not easy to describe,

It left us deeply touched, emotional , with a sense of deep joy. It demonstrated how easily we can get close and connect and have an understanding with other human beings whom we may first meet as strangers.

He also got us familiar with the research conducting on how beneficial “Hugging” is for our health. That hugging is practically perfect, as it does not have batteries that wear out, no periodic check up’s required, non fattening and inflation proof. Additionally, he added with humour, hugging is all natural as it is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and 100% wholesome. Virginia Satir has also provided a daily hug prescription: 4 Hugs for survival, 8 Hugs for maintenance and 12 Hugs for growth.

We were also introduced to the Shoulder Massage Train, whereby participant stood in a line, back to back, with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front to form a train. We were then asked to massage the shoulders and back of the person in front of us and then reverse after a couple of minutes.

The hugging and the massage at regular intervals and between exercises certainly had an effect on our energy levels and our mind set to help us absorb the learnings much better. It was great fun but with loads of benefits to keep us in top energy throughout the day.

In between breaks, we had inspirational live music by Jana Stanfield and her tag line was Change your Music, Change Your Life.

The day ended with giving us some homework as these were exercises to do in the peace and quiet of our rooms in the evening, and help us reflect on our past achievements and understand ourselves much better. There was also a special mirror exercise we had to do to boost our self esteem and self confidence.

Overall a super first day and looking forward with huge excitement to day two.

Signing off from Phoenix, Arizona.

Gautam Ganglani