Our Vibrant New LOGO

LogoDear Friends, Customers & Well Wishers.

As we begin 2012 with renewed energy, excitement and passion, a time for change has also come.

We are thrilled to share with you that RIGHTSELECTION now have a NEW VIBRANT LOGO.

To help us create this new identity, RightSelection partnered with Spice Holdings – design, marketing, business management and strategy specialists, who interviewed us and our corporate clients at great length, and also conducted an extensive global research on our industry, before arriving at this vibrant logo that reflects, more accurately, the personality of the RightSelection team, our vision, our philosophy and the way we bond with you and our other valued contacts.

While you will continue to enjoy professional networking experiences & world class training with our very close and dear speaker partners like Ron Kaufman, , Bob Urichuck, Tony Buzan and Rick Itzkowich, we have some highly exciting news for you.

Enjoy the exciting journey of learning, and may you continue to live the life of your dreams in the years ahead.

Warm regards,
Gautam & Ram
The Right Selection Team

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