Purpose of Life

Life PurposeSpirituality in India has many names some find it in religion some in home some in charity some in meditation, yoga. I we see the real meaning Spirituality is relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material. Having a nature of spirit if we say then spirits cannot come to this world without bodies there fore we can conclude that this universe is divided into two parts something’s are having form and others are formless and the balance between the form and formless is called life.

You must be wondering why on earth I should answer such questions, in this busy life there are many things to do but think about it have you ever felt flat after achieving any goal. You call it spirituality or any other name at the end of the day living in this world with a purpose is the answer of all.

Are you living with the question; why I am here in this world…do you ask your self why? What for? Every human comes in this world for a reason but do we strive to search for the reason, for the purpose of our lives? Most of the time the answer is no. no matter, you reach the peak of your career but you still feel empty inside……when you succeed in an unbalanced way you are always flat inside.Find the purpose of your life to ameliorate and circumscribe your life with exuberance in all aspects. Amenity of meaningful life has only one ingredient live with a purpose. Don’t make it a see saw; don’t lead just a successful life lead a purposeful one! it’s the metaphor that will remove the paradox of your existence. it’s neither superfluous nor spurious it’s achievable…once you have found it you can join the varied strings of your life to one thread.

your body is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see, break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body too…connect your life with a purpose.”skin wrinkles at the end, what matters is what it did when it was tight”I believe that every individual has immense capability and strength in them there is need of molding and consecrating them with right molds, with which this human world can lead a purposeful life having positive ripples effect on this universewe choose our next world through what we learn in this one; learn nothing and the next world is same…don’t let your next world the same, add more wings every time you fly.once there was person standing in a square/round about another person came and asked where does this road to your right goes he asked, the first person replied first you tell me where do you want to go, the other person said I don’t know, then the first person replied then take any road right or left how does it matters.

If I don’t have pre conceived purpose and goals in life how would I go ahead, if i don’t know where I am going how will i know when I reach there.

Vibhuti Mutha
by Vibhuti Mutha

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