The evolution of Right Selection

Right Selection started off as a book store, just over 21 years ago. A little later, it occurred to Visionary Chairman Ram Ganglani, a man ahead of his time and always looking for ways to engage people, that rather than the transactional experience of selling books, he would expand his business model to incorporate bringing the authors of those same books, to Dubai. Thus was born Right Selection Seminar Organisers – never looking back, since.

20 years later, Right Selection has become a brand synonymous with world-class learning experiences and event organisation skills, and is on the brink once more, or expanding it’s business model to incorporate a full-fledged one-stop-shop Speaker Bureau. Through partnership with the London Speaker Bureau, Right Selection now offers a myriad of speakers and thought leaders, with themes ranging from: Business & Management, to Government & Politics; from Innovation & Creativity to Leadership & Motivation; from the Future & Technology to Economics & Finance; and from Society & Education to the Environment. With speaker presentation formats varying from Master classes, Keynotes and Conferences, to one-day high-powered seminars and workshops, the Dubai Speaker Bureau provides thought leaders by theme, budget, gender and geography.

Never losing sight of it’s roots, while moving with the digital age, Right Selection is proud to launch its online bookstore. Browse what we have in stock, and order what we don’t. It’s that simple.