Sounds laughable?  No, I am not kidding.  I keep reading that we live in an era where everything youth-centric, and anything that moves fast attracts high premium.  I disagree.  I look around me.  What do I see?   People around me, older to me, show no signs of slowing down.  Some of them are far more active than others half their age.  Take my word for it – there is no sign of us going into retirement, yet.

Yes, I may appear to have taken a backseat, but that means I am happily working behind the scenes.  I am not out there running around everyday playing in the field. I am still in the game, playing the role of a coach, inspiring, guiding, encouraging, supporting and helping smoothen the flow… very active, off the field.  You could see me still living life very excitedly in the fast lane, with the team, but comfortably going at “my” pace.  Friends, I will keep working as long as I enjoy it.

Today, with a healthy life style, good eating habits and the medical support available, one can continue to live fit and healthy – with all faculties intact.

Going bald and grey is very much acceptable now, compared to the past when one had to wear wigs or use a hair dye.  It is more important to feel younger in mind and emotion and not to worry if one is looking older in body.

If I were asked where I get my seeming elixir of life, I would pin that down to my insatiable curiosity for life, a constant process of learning, a thirst for new experiences, acceptance of life’s up and downs and making mistakes as a reality,   letting go of regrets and bitterness and finally being grateful for each friend and family member that continues to wish me well.

Each day, I now consciously take every opportunity to meet and be with like-minded people.   I look for the positives and see the best in everyone I meet, and I ensure I leave them feeling better and happier even if we just meet for five minutes.  To ensure those pleasant moments are not forgotten, I have now developed the habit of giving each one an affirmation card with a strong positive message to boost their energy day after day, even though we may never meet again.

My daily mantra : Take each day as it comes. Concentrate on having a beautiful mind, so others enjoy spending time with me. Continue making my dreams come true and also remember to help people along the way.

Old age is just a different phase in life. Yes, I am packed and ready to go but while I am here, in my mind I still remain young.  Any objections?










Ram Ganglani

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