JACK CANFIELD – APRIL 8 to 14, 2012 – Tour Summary by Gautam

Jack Canfield INDIA

On the night of 14th April, along with Vikas & my Papa, I dropped family friend, international author & speaker Jack Canfield at the Bangalore Airport.

Jack’s trip started on his arrival in Dubai on 8th April with a welcome hug and a buzz of excitement & anticipation from all our 3 event teams & hundreds of lifelong learners in 3 cities. Jack’s trip ended with a big hug from me at Bangalore airport with wholehearted appreciation & gratitude to participants, sponsors, media, strategic partners, friends, families & Jack for the best 7 days of my 17 year business career. I am abundantly grateful to the powers above.

Right Selection Group has worked with our business partners Vikas Vij of The Ideas Exchange & Mac & Meena of Scion MasterMinds for the last 4 months in planning, marketing & promoting our 7 DAY Tour with Jack Canfield. I thank them & their respective teams who have worked day & night to ensure reach this exciting learning opportunity to as many lifelong learners as possible.

The Success Principles Tour in Dubai, Mumbai & Bangalore included 3 seminars, 3 book signing events, 3 CEO keynote events of which 2 events combined raised over US $20,000 for children with special needs in both Dubai & Bangalore, 26 published interviews, 3 TV interviews,  2 live radio interviews, 3 world class hotels, 2240 people who were personally inspired by Jack, over 2600 books signed personally by Jack, over 1200 pictures uploaded on facebook, 2600 facebook likes, 62 Flip video clips from the 7 days.

On the personal side Jack visited the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, the only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Museum, a boat ride by the creek in Dubai. Jack made a surprise visit to office to meet the Right Selection Team and thanked them for all their hard work.

In Mumbai Jack met with Bollywood personalities Rageshwaari, Aftab Shivdasani, Pooja Bedi & Tara Sharma. Jack Canfield also met & shared the stage with a man who certainly CAN FIELD, South African cricketer & Mumbai Indians fielding coach, Jonty Rhodes.  Jack also attended a live IPL cricket game between Mumbai Indians & Rajasthan Royals and enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere with over 40,000 cricket fans.

In Bangalore Jack visited the Shiv Temple and felt rejuvenated & positively energised. He visited RVM’s beautiful office surrounded by nature and different animals. Last but not the least he visited the beautiful Indian home of Meena & Mac Srinivasan and met the whole family and also surprised the Scion MasterMinds Team to thank them personally.

All 3 teams enjoyed dinner together with Jack & friend Puja from Chennai with her beautiful parents on the 7th night. On day 8 we all sat as a team tour & acknowledged the great learning experience for all 3 teams and shared our successes and what one could do differently in future for an even better experience.

It is hard to believe all of the above personal & professional experience happened in just 7 days. In closing I would like thank Jack Canfield for playing full out with 200 % participation. Professionally you were par excellence always looking to add value, sharing appreciation to all whom you met personally, signed books & took pictures in hundreds at each event with a smile and radiant positive energy. Thank you.

I am very confident that Right Selection, The Ideas Exchange & Scion MasterMinds Teams are totally energised, excited and looking forward to having Breakthrough Goals personally & professionally and will be creating our respective vision boards to ensure we make this a reality.

You can rest assured I will continue to live life with an attitude of gratitude. See you in the USA in August for 7 days to square off your time with us so we can then invite you back again in 2013 :-)

With love & blessings to you Jack & your Team,


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