How Can Sales Training Increase My Sales?

salestrainingIf you want to increase your sales, ongoing sales training and sales coaching is the key to your success.Let me explain why. First and foremost, sales training brings pertinent knowledge to the table. You are not always familiar with all the details and sales training is the ultimate learning tool. For example, most organizations today are aware that the economy has brought about an important sales shift.

Selling during the boom times is passé. Now is the time to attract, engage and empower the new economy of buyers to buy at any time.

Velocity Selling Sales Training teaches how to do the opposite of selling in order to succeed in today’s new economy of buyers. The sales process has to be transformed into a “buyer focused” format where getting to the truth and building a relationship are the main goals. It is far more important to bring in the right buyers for the right reasons instead of simply making a sales pitch or even a sale. 

Secondly, ongoing sales training encourages you to let go some familiar practices and replace those ineffective habits or behaviors with effective and bottom line, results-oriented sales habits. In between the ongoing sales training sessions you can practice what you learn in the real world. Then, you can return to the next session fully prepared to discuss your experiences before moving on to learn new material. Ongoing sales coaching ensures that all discussions replicate knowledge gained from sales training and that appropriate actions are taken. You will realize you are not alone in your endeavors. You are disciplined and accountable. You hold the qualities of a successful sales person and consequently, the true value of sales training is realized.

Thirdly, ongoing sales training should be more than strategy and technique.Sales training should begin with building a strong foundation. That foundation is you, the individual. The strongest foundation is your belief in yourself, the products or services that you sell, the organization that you represent, and the market in which you work. Without a strong belief in each of the above, you will not succeed. Your level of belief will be reflected in your attitude, your body language, and your results. To rate a solid 10, you must secure a high level of belief in all of the above.

With a higher level of belief, your attitude will shine and attract buyers to you. You must demonstrate the most effective goal driven behaviors. Engage buyers by following a “buyer focused” sales process and proving how competent you are. However, like all things in life, you will also require discipline. Do what you have to do, even when you do not want to do it.

When you learn the four simple basics A,B,C, and D in the course of ongoing sales training, your sales results will not only increase dramatically but you will also improve R.O.T.I. (return on time invested) and increase your bottom line with velocity.


Source – [Bobu]

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