Focus Vs Distraction

My recent visit to Arizona for the Breakthrough to Success 2012 event ( BTS ) with Jack Canfield & 350 delegates was the best enriching learning experience I have had in my life. Thank you Jack & each & every delegate who all added positive energy & value by sharing their life experiences.

For those of you who know me, would realise this is a bold statement considering our company Right Selection have hosted over 125 events in the last 12 years and I have attended numerous workshops & seminars regionally & internationally.

I am delighted to share that whilst I received many learning breakthroughs inside the room, I would like to share 2 breakthrough I had outside the training room. Now the key is to taking action on the learning.

As I arrived in America on the 11th of August 2012, my blackberry crashed to the extent that it would never come on. I removed the battery a few times and even showed it to a few people. All this was in vain & I was frustrated & felt discconected. However little did I know that this was one of the best blessings & today I am abundantly grateful for. Imagine being thankful for my blackberry crashing.

Without a blackberry for my entire 9 day stay in Arizona, I was totally engaged in the learning experience with Jack Canfield & my fellow participants. Above all, I was focused & absorbed more & more ideas & concepts each & every day from Jack, the participants we did as a team, from appreciating the nature around the resort, with rabbits, trees to each & every 1 to 1 conversation I had without the distraction of the blackberry messenger.

The learning is in todays time when people like myself are dependable to technology to enhance our communication with friends, family & business connections there must be a balance in life and we must take time to focus & realise that multi tasking is more a distraction than positive productivity. What is your choice ?

Ironically on arrival in Dubai after 9 days in the US, my blackberry started working with a small issue with the screen which I got repaired. Whilst I still have my blackberry I have already changed the way I use it to ensure it is a productivity tool & leaving it when not necessary so one get focus on enjoying being in the moment whether one is with family, friends or with a customer.

The above experience without my blackberry gave me more inner fulfillment, relaxation, feeling of enrichment & happier being in the moment. After all we are HUMAN BEINGS & not Human DOINGS.

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