Flexibility and Firmness

flexibility and firmnessFlexibility and firmness were having a fight inside me….flexibility says if you cant have me and you are too firm you will be stuck…Firmness says if you thrive for flexibility everywhere what will happen to your identity ? Finally there was truce… flexibility agrees to be part of my behavior while Firmness stays with Values… you can modify your behavior but NOT VALUES…

But have we identified are values and know what is it that is driving us ?

Generally the word ‘VALUE’ is taken in a light stride, used often in conversations and status updates in social media these days. It is such a deep rooted concept that you are driven by it.

I understood the importance of values while i was pursuing Master Practitioner of NLP. We did an exercise where we were given a story and in that STORY

There was a Baron and a Baroness they lived in a big castle across a beautiful river. One day the Baron had to go for a day away from castle for work. He while leaving held the Baroness and said you shall not leave the castle until i come back its my order ot you have to bear the consequences and he left.

The baroness after sitting alone for an hour thought she shall go and meet her x lover for sometime. She decides to go…On the way she had to cross the river there was a boatman he said i can take you across but you have to give me 5 coins. Baroness had none, she requested pleaded but he did not agree. quickly she went to ask her best friend who lived near by, she told the whole story and asked for help. To this her friend said you are cheating on baron i would not support you on this. Baroness sadly went back to the river to persuade the boatman but he did not agree.

She walked to see from where she can cross the river easily and finally when she was trying to cross a beast came and asked her what is she doing. Baroness told the story to which the Beast got aggravated and killed the baroness on her betrayal to the Baron.

Now the question is who according to you was the reason for Baroness’s death?

Vibhuti Mutha
Vibhuti Mutha

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