“Breakthrough To Success” With Jack Canfield In Arizona – 2012

Greetings from Arizona one of the fastest growing states in the US and popularly known for the Grand Canyon. Arizona is also part of the Western United States , the sixth most extensive state and the 16th most populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

Jack Canfield

I am staying at the Fairmont, Scottsdale Princess when I am attending the “Breakthrough To Success” for 7 days with Jack Canfield. I am delighted to be attending this learning experience with my dad & mentor & international speaker, Bob Urichuck with his son Dave. That itself is a unique story in itself to have two father & sons attend a world renowned learning experience with author, speaker & though leader, Jack Canfield.

Over 325 lifelong learners are attending BTS from 26 different countries, including 12 delegates from Dubai my home city. This speaks leaps & bounds of the credibility of this fantastic learning experience. This is Jack’s 20th year conducting BTS and officially his last time that he will be conducting BTS.

Our day started at 6.30am when we walked for an hour around the property include the amazing Golf Course followed by a swim. Actually I was awake since 3am considering I was still adjusting to the 11 hour time difference despite having slept only 4 hours the night before. I guess the body clock needs more time to adjust the clocks of sleep time.

The day start with a foyer filled with positive energy, meeting of friends & lifelong learners buzzing with positive energy & excitement.

Jack walked in cool, calm & collected with a positive aura & vibrant energy meeting each & every delegate with a warm heart to heart hug.

Breakthrough to Success

He welcomed the delegates by promising us these would be one of the most exciting and challenging 7 days of our lives.

He assured us a learning experience that would be both conceptual and theoretical, with the aim to expose us to the most current concepts in how to create the life of our dreams. This was so very true, because after laying down the ground rules and securing our agreements to abide by the guidelines to get the most out of the training, he dived straight and deep into a series of group exercises that launched for us the experiential learning we were promised.

Each exercise was unique with subtle learnings about one self, as they pushed us to dig in and peel of layer after layer to uncover of forgotten information that had been pushed aside ( hidden away) over a period of time. One that was a unique experience was having a Hand Conversation with our eyes shut for about 10 minutes. The experience was totally new and just unbelievable, not easy to describe,

It left us deeply touched, emotional , with a sense of deep joy. It demonstrated how easily we can get close and connect and have an understanding with other human beings whom we may first meet as strangers.

He also got us familiar with the research conducting on how beneficial “Hugging” is for our health. That hugging is practically perfect, as it does not have batteries that wear out, no periodic check up’s required, non fattening and inflation proof. Additionally, he added with humour, hugging is all natural as it is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and 100% wholesome. Virginia Satir has also provided a daily hug prescription: 4 Hugs for survival, 8 Hugs for maintenance and 12 Hugs for growth.

We were also introduced to the Shoulder Massage Train, whereby participant stood in a line, back to back, with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front to form a train. We were then asked to massage the shoulders and back of the person in front of us and then reverse after a couple of minutes.

The hugging and the massage at regular intervals and between exercises certainly had an effect on our energy levels and our mind set to help us absorb the learnings much better. It was great fun but with loads of benefits to keep us in top energy throughout the day.

In between breaks, we had inspirational live music by Jana Stanfield and her tag line was Change your Music, Change Your Life.

The day ended with giving us some homework as these were exercises to do in the peace and quiet of our rooms in the evening, and help us reflect on our past achievements and understand ourselves much better. There was also a special mirror exercise we had to do to boost our self esteem and self confidence.

Overall a super first day and looking forward with huge excitement to day two.

Signing off from Phoenix, Arizona.

Gautam Ganglani

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