Five Keys to Creating an Uplifting Service Culture


Recently I was walking through a distribution warehouse to meet a client. Hanging on the wall were safety posters instructing employees how to lift heavy boxes. Most of us have seen these posters many times. This was the first time I stopped to read one. “Ron, are you ready to get started with the meeting?” […]

Disney Dreams Demonstrate Customer Service Excellence


Disneyland puts on an extravaganza of lights, fireworks, characters, and special effects called “Fantasmic” every evening. In the performance, Mickey Mouse has a dream with all his friends singing and dancing with joy. As my daughter and I watched, suddenly the dream turned into a nightmare, and many evil characters came to life with raging […]

Top 10 Signs Your Service Disappoints

Gold top 10 winner

Many executives I meet with simply can’t see the writing on the wall, assuming because they haven’t heard many complaints about their service, everything must be okay. That’s a dangerous position for the present and the future. Wondering if I might be referring to a company like yours? Here are the top ten signs your […]

The Six Levels of Customer Service


Last month I met a client in Indonesia. We went to lunch at a nearby mall where music poured into the public area from every shop. Just as we passed one storefront, the music stopped and the shopkeeper let out a growl. I looked inside and saw something most of us have not gazed upon […]

Six Common Reasons Why ‘Customer Centricity’ Initiatives Fail


Over the many years of working with organisations to help them become ‘customer centered’, I have witnessed a number of successes as well as failures. By understanding why these well-intentioned initiatives fail and looking for common causes we are able to address them early in the planning process for future initiatives and thus increase the odds of […]