Submit Your Networking Story


Jack Canfield (Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series), Ivan Misner (Business Networking Expert and
Founder of BNI®, the World’s Largest Referral Marketing Organization), and Gautam Ganglani (Entrepreneur &
Relationship Marketing Expert), are currently working together on a book about networking.

The three co-authors are calling for article submissions to be considered for inclusion in this upcoming book and they
invite and encourage you to submit your written pieces in accordance with the criteria they have outlined below.

Types of Submissions

We are looking for a wide variety of submissions covering many themes relating to networking, using many diverse
approaches to the topic. Most importantly, submissions need to be inspirational, compelling, and motivational.
They need to move the reader emotionally. This is the most important element of any submission. There should be a
story and the story should have a powerful emotional connection of some kind.

General Topics/Themes Include (but are not limited to):

  • Networking for Business
  • Networking for Non-business
  • The Power of Connecting
  • Cultivating Relationships
  • Success against All Odds
  • Myths, Mistakes, Misconceptions
  • Giving/Helping Others
  • The Road to Mastery
  • Other (we are very much open to other topics/themes you wish to submit provided they are relevant and
  • appropriate)
  • Article Design – Submissions May Be Structured as:
  • Personal Stories
  • Specific Techniques / Strategies for Networking (must include a compelling story)
  • Interviews of Successful People
  • Stories of successful people
  • Original Research

NOTE: Each submission should be inspirational and contain an element of emotional connection.

Submission Process

  • Articles submitted for the book should be roughly 750-1500 words (about 3-6 typed double-spaced pages)
  • Please do not use spaces or tabs to indent paragraphs
  • Manuscript should be neat and readable—please do not bother with fancy formatting
  • Your writing style should be informal and written in the first-person point of view if possible
  • Word format is preferred; however, any word processing program is permissible provided the file is saved as “Plain Text” or “Rich Text Format”
  • Any graphics included or linked to within your article should preferably be in PICT, TIFF, OR EPS format