Hand-Drawn Mindmaps vs. Computer Based Mindmaps: Pros and Cons to each


Due to the great work of Tony Buzan many people leverage the benefits of hand-drawn mindmaps.  In his many books he highlights how such maps are aligned with the thinking processes of the brain and how they help you to use a wide range of association techniques as well as images and colors. Jamie Nast, […]

Tony Buzan is Heading to Dubai


Catch Inventor of Mind-Maps Sharing His Experience and Expertise on 30th September 2013 Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps-the most powerful “thinking tool” of our times, is heading to Dubai, it has just been announced. Brought to you by Right Selection, his ‘Use Your Head’ workshop is being held on Monday, 30th September 2013 […]

What Scares You? 7 Steps to Defining the Problem

At this particular time of year your instinctive response to this question will probably be along the lines of ghosts and vampires, red rum, a sinister video tape, teenagers in hockey masks or malevolent entities named Toby… However, I’d wager a guess that whilst the thought of these ghoulish figures does occasionally send involuntary shivers […]

Mindmapping Today is About More Than a Visual Diagram

I’ve been using mindmapping software for over 12 years in Fortune 500 companies.  Over that time mindmapping software has evolved from a tool largely for representing information visually to a powerful information management tool. When you see mindmaps in mindmap libraries like Biggerplate or Maps for That or even on this blog, there is an emphasis on how information is […]

3 ways to get more done with less time & less stress

Getting organised with Mind Maps The past two decades have seen meteoric advances in the way we communicate and work; with emails, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Skype, Ping, blogs, feeds and a vast array of other indispensable forms of ‘connecting’ and absorbing information. With such resources at our disposal productivity should be soaring, shouldn’t it? But […]

6 Ways to Activate Your Child’s Mind in the Summer Holidays


The summer holidays have just begun, and every parent is wondering how to fill the time. The kids are already getting bored, it’s raining outside and every toy has been played with. Forget dusting off that old scrabble board; instead why not get the kids to give Mind Mapping a go, with our free iMindMap Basic software. […]