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Conquer Your Resistance to Change for Greater Happiness and Success

Conquer Your Resistance to Change for Greater Happiness and Success Your instincts will often kick in and tell you to resist change. This might happen without you even noticing it. This happens because the body and mind are always looking for stability and balance. However, whether you like it or not, the world is ever changing. […]

Thinking Your Way to Success

Do you often envision yourself achieving great things, and then follow this up with a negative thought process? Do you talk yourself out of your dreams before you even begin to pursue them? If so, you need to change the way you think. When you change your thought processes to success thinking you truly can […]

Middle East’s #1 Job Site BAYT Interviews Gautam Ganglani

Source: Bayt.com - Middle East’s #1 Job Site Gautam Ganglani is the Managing Director of Right Selection Group – a family-owned business that specializes in training executives. In his current position, Gautam manages a team of expert trainers who conduct in-house training sessions for clients, customized based on their needs. Gautam holds over 15 years of […]

De-Generation Of A Generation!

All my life I have always considered my generation to be moderate, we probably took some steps in our lives that broke away from tradition to some extent. I felt we wanted to explore for ourselves what the world offered instead of being under the blind influence of our elders. With education systems improving, it […]

The Values We Pass On To The Next Generation Will Stay

As a father, I still remember the day my son Gautam was born followed by Jay, nearly three years later. It is amazing how quickly the kids grow. They went to school, graduated and completed their education in London: they soon learnt to be independent, they learnt to drive, and they chose their careers and […]

You Are Never Too Young And Never Too Old To Learn

At my age, (65, this October), I find that I am still learning something new everyday.  That really fascinates me.  When I went to attend the 7 day “Breakthrough to Success” program with Jack Canfield in Arizona last month, I thought I might be the most senior participant. I generally do not feel embarrassed when […]

Attitude Of Gratitude

This is a topic that has been spoken & written about many times, however as with many great ideas & concepts it is about taking action for one to reap the benefits. I recently read Jack Canfield’s bestselling book, Success Principles, attended his 7 Day Breakthrough to Success & met many people from different walks […]

Flexibility and Firmness

Flexibility and firmness were having a fight inside me….flexibility says if you cant have me and you are too firm you will be stuck…Firmness says if you thrive for flexibility everywhere what will happen to your identity ? Finally there was truce… flexibility agrees to be part of my behavior while Firmness stays with Values… […]

Focus Vs Distraction

My recent visit to Arizona for the Breakthrough to Success 2012 event ( BTS ) with Jack Canfield & 350 delegates was the best enriching learning experience I have had in my life. Thank you Jack & each & every delegate who all added positive energy & value by sharing their life experiences. For those […]