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Top 10 Signs Your Service Disappoints

Many executives I meet with simply can’t see the writing on the wall, assuming because they haven’t heard many complaints about their service, everything must be okay. That’s a dangerous position for the present and the future. Wondering if I might be referring to a company like yours? Here are the top ten signs your […]

The Six Levels of Customer Service

Last month I met a client in Indonesia. We went to lunch at a nearby mall where music poured into the public area from every shop. Just as we passed one storefront, the music stopped and the shopkeeper let out a growl. I looked inside and saw something most of us have not gazed upon […]

Learn More to Earn More

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” —Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the Untied States Go into the home of almost any wealthy, highly successful person and you will find a library of books—sometimes an actual room such as a den or a library, other times just lots of bookshelves or […]

When Goals are Forgotten: 4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Most people start pursuing their goals – especially New Year’s resolutions – with great passion. But over time, they lose momentum, burn out and put their dreams aside. If this happens to you, it’s a clear-cut sign that your goals are not sustainable. In this article, you’ll discover how to get back on track toward […]

7 Principles of Success and Happiness That You Can Do Today!

“Jack Canfield has made the study of success in one’s personal and professional lives his own life’s work. He has interviewed hundreds of successful people, read more than 3,000 books on success and given thousands of lectures on the topic. Now Canfield has boiled down everything that he has learned about success into his new […]

What to Do When Life Doesn’t Seem to Be Working for You

When things happen in the world that seem so far beyond our individual control, it can feel unsettling. But don’t give up on your goals and dreams just because “the time isn’t good”… you can still make 2011 the year to uncover a personal breakthrough! Even in tough times, you get to decide how to […]

Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success

Hand’s down, one of the most popular questions I’m asked by students is this… “Jack, what are your most important daily actions that you correlate with your success.” In fact, Oprah Winfrey asked me a similar question just days before appearing on her show. She asked me to come up with some easy-to-apply steps for her […]

Aligning Goals with Your Purpose

Many people subscribe to the Protestant work ethic, which says you must work hard to prosper. But success does not require struggle  and suffering. It can be effortless, meaning that you are having fun while pursuing your goals, even when you’re working incredibly hard. The key to unlocking effortless success lies in the goals that […]

For Men: Five Fail-Proof Tips for Valentine’s Day

Here’s one simple thing to remember, guys: for women, Valentine’s Day is much like the Super Bowl for men. In other words, ignore this date at your own peril. It’s great that you’ve got a relationship that is going well. However, if you want to see it continue, don’t snooze through Valentine’s Day. Nothing will make a […]

Overcoming Fear in All Its Disguises

Fear is one of most common reasons people procrastinate on taking action toward their goals. In an effort to avoid failure, rejection, being embarrassed, disappointing or angering other people, getting hurt and a plethora of other things, we play it safe and avoid trying new things. Fear is natural. But it’s important to remember that, […]