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The “Parking Lot Principle”

Disney theme parks are known as “The Happiest Places on Earth.”  How is this environment created?  There are certainly many things that help create that unique atmosphere, but there is one in particular that stands out; one thing that reflects Disney’s obsession with creating a great Guest experience by taking care of every detail … […]

3 ways to get more done with less time & less stress

Getting organised with Mind Maps The past two decades have seen meteoric advances in the way we communicate and work; with emails, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Skype, Ping, blogs, feeds and a vast array of other indispensable forms of ‘connecting’ and absorbing information. With such resources at our disposal productivity should be soaring, shouldn’t it? But […]

Disney Drives Profits with Simplicity — Can You?

This last week, The Walt Disney Company reported a 53 percent surge in operating income at Parks and Resorts. What is the “magic” of Disney Parks and Resorts?  How can they thrive while others founder?  Although there are many answers, here is one secret that has proved invaluable for almost 60 years: Disney simplifies the […]

No Time for Small Talk in Networking

People often mistakenly perceive what goes on at networking meetings and events as making small talk with a bunch of strangers.  Real business networking , however, isn’t about making small talk at all; rather it is about building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with other business professionals and small talk isn’t generally something that helps further this […]

How Can Sales Training Increase My Sales?

If you want to increase your sales, ongoing sales training and sales coaching is the key to your success.Let me explain why. First and foremost, sales training brings pertinent knowledge to the table. You are not always familiar with all the details and sales training is the ultimate learning tool. For example, most organizations today are aware that the economy has […]

Today’s Economy Expects a Buyer Focused Sales Process

In today’s economy, more than ever, sales professionals must be in control of the sales process. You will not succeed in our ever changing economy, if you do not fully grasp the enhanced sales process. Do you follow a sales process? Congratulations if you answer “yes” and actually commit to a sales process. Evidently, you […]

Will Motivational Sales Training Help Me?

Motivational sales training should be part of the on-going sales training process and is just as important as on-going sales management training. Part of sales management training should be on how to maintain self-motivation and a motivated sales team. However, not everyone understands what motivational sales training is really about.Many people attend motivational sales training or […]

Coaching Your Top Line Executives To Grow Your Bottom Line

Leaders as coaches In today’s environment there is no successful leadership without the skill of coaching. Modern leaders realise that to engage, develop and retain talent (a limited resource in most markets) people must see value beyond the pay packet. Leaders that coach their people are saying the following to them; ‘You are important to us’, […]

Five Keys to Creating an Uplifting Service Culture

Recently I was walking through a distribution warehouse to meet a client. Hanging on the wall were safety posters instructing employees how to lift heavy boxes. Most of us have seen these posters many times. This was the first time I stopped to read one. “Ron, are you ready to get started with the meeting?” […]

Disney Dreams Demonstrate Customer Service Excellence

Disneyland puts on an extravaganza of lights, fireworks, characters, and special effects called “Fantasmic” every evening. In the performance, Mickey Mouse has a dream with all his friends singing and dancing with joy. As my daughter and I watched, suddenly the dream turned into a nightmare, and many evil characters came to life with raging […]