Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of GratitudeThis is a topic that has been spoken & written about many times, however as with many great ideas & concepts it is about taking action for one to reap the benefits.

I recently read Jack Canfield’s bestselling book, Success Principles, attended his 7 Day Breakthrough to Success & met many people from different walks of life.

An attitude of gratitude was something that was shared both in the book & during the learning experience as a very important Success Principle to ensure you are a success & live life with happiness & fulfilment.

There are many people with so many challenges from depression, handicapped, unhealthy, fat, illnesses, low self esteem, no confidence, shy, weak minded, negative, disturbed relationships, past resentments, difficult childhoods, to financial debts.

I encourage each of you to choose to live life with an attitude of gratitude, take care of yourself & look for ways to help each other.

As you help others in need the more you will grow personally in your mentality, attitude, positive feelings, inner fulfilment & live life with more enrichment both personally & professionally.

Many people feel guilty to validate they are a great person, when in fact being guilty denies you from being a great human being who shares, cares & makes a positive difference to the lives of other people whilst constantly learning from the many experiences. Resentment is useless, forgive yourself & give yourself a break from guilt.

I encourage you to live life with an attitude of gratitude, appreciate each person in your life, be thankful for life’s simple pleasure from the meals you have, the great relationships you have, the health you have, have an abundance mentality & be grateful for each day.

Gautam Ganglani

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    Vince | Blog Web Mar () / La vidéo est inreeacut&;tessante. Pas grand chose de nouveau mais une façon simple et claire de présenter les choses.

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